Functional & Decorative Shelving

Kitchen Shelving

Shelving is one of the easiest ways to add functional, organizational or decorative storage to any home or office space. WalzCraft offers a wide array of custom shelving options to fit a variety of applications. Whether you are installing interior shelves in kitchen cabinets, outfitting an office with open storage or hanging decorative display shelves in living spaces, WalzCraft can help you create the perfect solution for your specific installation.

Office Shelving

Our shelving components are available in custom sizes, as well as a variety of materials & finishes to fit all your shelving needs. Learn more about WalzCraft’s shelving solutions by exploring the options below.

Please contact our Customer Support Team to place a quote for your project today.

WalzCraft Shelving Options

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Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves offer clean lines and versatility, making them the perfect fit for transitional to contemporary spaces. Hang them between cabinets, at the end of a cabinet run or free standing to add decorative, yet functional storage to any room in the home.

Floating-ShelvesFloating-Shelf-BracketsHanging brackets, mounting hardware and installation instructions are included with our Floating Shelves, which makes hanging them a quick and easy process.

All Floating Shelves are 2 1/2″ thick and can be ordered at 10″ or 12″ deep, in 6 widths ranging from 24″ to 54″. They can safely support 15 lbs per running foot of shelf length, making them a great option for storing anything from dishes in a kitchen to books in an office.

Available in Maple, Cherry, Red Oak, Hickory, Alder and Paint Grade, with the option of ordering unfinished or prefinished to match our other custom cabinet components.

To learn more download our Floating Shelf Product Sell Sheet or view our Online Catalog Specifications.

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Plywood Shelves

Edgebanded Plywood Shelves and Edgeband Moldings

Plywood Shelves are available with an MDF Core or Veneer Core and can be ordered in any of WalzCraft’s standard available Plywood thicknesses and Sheet Stock sizes to allow for customization on the job site.


For an efficient installation, WalzCraft also offers Precision Cut to Size (PCTS) Plywood Shelves, where width and length can be specified, requiring no trimming of any edges to arrive at your required dimensions.

Create clean, install ready edges by adding Bull Nose Shelf Molding to cover the exposed edges of any 3/4″ thick shelves, or order shelving with Edgebanding, which can be applied to specified edges to avoid material waste and save on cost.

For added convenience, order your Plywood Shelves prefinished and they will arrive ready for installation with no additional prep work necessary.

To learn more about Plywood Shelves and other Cabinet Box Components, visit our online catalog specifications here.

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Glass Shelves

Glass Shelving for Cabinets

For all of your Glass Shelving needs, try WalzCraft’s 1/4″ or 3/8″ thick Glass Shelving, available in two styles with premium high gloss polished edges on all four sides.

  • Jade: distinct green color on edges
  • Starfire: edges are clearer than Jade style

Glass Shelving can be purchased in custom sizes up to 15″ wide x 40″ high. Our Customer Support Team would be happy to assist with any inquiries for larger glass sizes or irregular shaped shelves.

To view additional information about Glass Shelves, visit our online catalog specifications here.

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Knick Knack Shelves

Solid Wood Knick Knack Shelves

Solid Wood Knick Knack Shelves are an excellent way to transition from an end cabinet to a wall, incorporate decorative storage shelves in a kitchen or bathroom, or to outfit a custom furniture design. WalzCraft offers 3/4″ and 1″ thick solid wood Knick Knack Shelves in various styles ranging from square to rounded and everything in between to suit any style project.

Our Style K Knick Shelf Shelf for instance, is often incorporated into various projects such as some Wainscot Valance Designs to create a polished look.These shelves are completely made to order and require your exact size specifications, and required accented edges and if desired, choice of Prefinishing.

Bull Nose Shelf Moldings are also available in various dimensions are are designed to cover the exposed edge of any 3/4″ thick shelf. Our Molding #1885 offers an increased height, which works well for covering any recessed lighting that may be used with your Knick Knack Shelf creations.

To learn more about all of WalzCraft’s Knick Knack Shelf Styles including available wood species and MDF / RTF compatibility, please visit our online catalog specifications here.

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Shelf & Countertop Supports

Countertop Supports

Shelf & Countertop SupportsSolid Wood Shelf Supports also function as Countertop Supports and can be ordered with slight variations in shape / design. These custom Shelf / Countertop Supports are made to your exact specifications in any choice of wood species, requiring your exact width, depth and height dimensions for ordering.

Braces are centered on the support brackets, attached with precision bored screws. Shelf / Countertop Supports are 3/4″ thick as a standard, with other options available upon request.

Please visit our online catalog specifications to see all available Shelf / Countertop Support Designs.

For pricing information and special design requirements, please contact our Customer Support Team for assistance.

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