About SolidTone (Painted) Finished on Cabinet Doors and Wood Components

  • Stain, SolidTone®, Glaze, Sealer and Topcoat materials are all available for purchase in various amounts.
  • Stain, SolidTone® and Glaze Color Block Sets are available for order.

Natural / Clear Coat (no stain)

Natural (Clear Coat) Finish on Cabinet Doors and Cabinet Products

Catalyzed Conversion Varnish is the base of our Natural / Clear (no stain). Conversion Varnishes produce high quality, abrasion resistant finishes. They also contain low volatile organic compounds (VOC), or solvents, making this material environmentally friendly.

Conversion Varnishes are fast drying, they contain self sealers and they have excellent non-yellowing properties. WalzCraft Sealers and Topcoats are applied on a flat line finishing system which distributes a perfectly even amount of material throughout each product.

A Natural finish allows the accepted beauty of the wood to show its personality.

View Natural / Clear Coat (no stain) Finishes

Wiping Stains

Wiping Stain Finish on Cabinet Doors and Cabinet Products

Our Wiping Stains are sprayed and then hand wiped, which is a common finishing process in the industry. The outcome produces colors with good clarity and excellent grain definition in the wood. WalzCraft offers a wide variety of wiping stain colors, available on nearly all wood species. Darker colored stains may hide some of the natural characteristics that might be deemed as imperfections in the wood, allowing you to utilize a low cost Natural Grade material.

To complement any of our Wiping Stains, add a Dry Wiped Glaze.

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Spray No Wipe Stains

Premium Spray No Wipe Finish on Cabinet Doors and Cabinet Products

A Spray No Wipe Stain provides a premium finish, using technology that eliminates the blotchiness that can occur on Maple, Birch, Cherry, and Pine wood species. A WalzCraft Spray No Wipe finish is superior in quality and admired by many in the industry.

Adding a Solvent Wiped Glaze will take your color to the top and enhance the beauty of your cabinetry.

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Combination Stains

Combination Stain Finish on Cabinet Doors and Cabinet Products

Combination Stains utilize a two-step process starting with a Wiping Stain as the first application and then applying a Spray No Wipe Stain. This two-step process creates unique colors with depth. WalzCraft offers several standard Combination color options that will give your cabinetry the deep, rich color you desire.

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Primed Only for Paint

Primed Only for Paint Finish on Cabinet Doors and Cabinet Products Doors are available primed for paint in any solid MDF, solid Paint Grade Birch, Maple or Poplar or Paint Grade stiles & rails with an MDF center panel. A Primed Only for Paint finish is composed of solid color pigments mixed with a primer base.

This finish is applied and allowed adequate time to dry, before being packaged and shipped. WalzCraft recommends ordering Paint Grade stile and rails with an MDF center panel when using this finishing type.

When MDF material is ordered “Primed Only for Paint” and the MDF is machined, breaking the surface on the front or back side (ie: Outside Edge Profiles, Center Panel Face Rout, Center Panel Profiles, etc.), to prep the surface WalzCraft will apply a clear sealer and hand sand the product before applying the primer coat.

Painting over a WalzCraft Primed surface

WalzCraft offers the following “Primed Only for Paint” options.

  • Catalyzed Primer: For Use With Customer Applied Paint/Top Coat “Requiring Catalyst” – When ordering products that are “Primed Only For Paint”, WalzCraft prefers to use a solvent based Post Catalyzed Primer. This enables customers to use a solvent based Post Catalyzed Paint over the Post Catalyzed Primer WalzCraft applied to achieve the highest quality finish. Your final layer of finish “must” be compatible with WalzCraft’s acid catalyzed conversion varnish primer. This “Primed Only for Paint” finish requires catalyst and is available in all of WalzCraft’s standard SolidTone colors.
  • Non-Catalyzed Primer: For Use With Customer Applied Paint/Top Coat “Not Requiring Catalyst” – If you plan on applying your own paint/top coat over a WalzCraft “Primed Only for Paint” finish, we also offer the application of a Universal Primer formulated to perform better (offers better adhesion) when used with a non-catalyzed finish. This “Primed Only for Paint” finish does not require catalyst and is only available in white.


SolidTone (Painted) Finish on Cabinet Doors and Cabinet Products Our SolidTone® colors are pigmented, acid Catalyzed Conversion Varnishes that provide superior coverage for your painting needs. Conversion Varnishes have greater scratch resistance and chemical resistance than other popular finishes like Polyurethane or Lacquer.

The process of applying SolidTone® colors to solid wood panels can sometimes allow the glue lines (when present) to be easily seen. Because of this quality concern, WalzCraft only offers SolidTone® colors on the following materials: Solid MDF or Hybrid material. This applies to all products that would potentially have a component, like a center panel, that would have a glue-up if it were to be made from solid wood. Example: Raised Panel doors (Style 10), Solid Wood Slab doors (Style 1270), Center Panel Only material (CPO) and Glued-Up Panels (GUP).

Narrower stock with or without glue-ups such as face frame components, profiled stock, moldings, stiles & rails and slab drawer fronts can still be made from solid wood.

WalzCraft will only allow solid wood center panels to have a SolidTone® finish when a Rub Through option is chosen.

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SolidTone® WoodGrain

SolidTone WoodGrain (Paint on Grainy Wood) Finish on Cabinet Doors and Cabinet Products

SolidTone® WoodGrain colors are formulated the same as a SolidTone®, but the priming step is removed. This process allows the grain of the wood to show through with no bare areas, creating an appealing look in any room. SolidTone® WoodGrain colors are Conversion Varnishes, which have greater scratch resistance and chemical resistance than other popular finishes like Polyurethane or Lacquer.

We recommend the following wood species when ordering this method, due to their open grain characteristics: Ash, Hickory, Red Oak, and White Oak. The embossed look of the grain provides a rougher surface for applying glaze, which will further complement the unique appearance of the product.

View SolidTone ® WoodGrain Colors

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