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WalzCraft utilizes the finest Northern Grown Hardwoods and many other quality wood species, offered in more than 95 Grades. Available Grades of wood range from Select/Premium to Budget/Paint, and everything in between. Paired with WalzCraft’s daily efforts to maximize quality and minimize waste, this vast material selection allows our company the flexibility to utilize all of the raw material entering our plant, so that we can balance the demand on each wood species and provide a cost savings that can be passed along to each of our customers.

What Does All Of This Mean?

WalzCraft deploys extensive optimization efforts to yield the most of all raw materials used in manufacturing our custom cabinet components. Whether for cabinet doors, moldings or other components, all grades of wood carry the same level of machining, profiling and sanding standards.  So no matter what grade of wood your project requires, your order is assured to be of the highest quality.

What Are The Differences Between Wood Grades?

Learn a bit below about each of WalzCraft’s wood grades and Green Material choices. For additional information and/or pricing of specific wood species and grades, please contact our Customer Support Team or utilize WalzCraft’s Master Product Specifications & Wholesale Pricing Catalog.

Select/Premium Grades
  • Focus on color and grain matching
  • Suitable for Natural/Clear (No Stain Applied) & other light colored finishes
Natural/Standard Grades
  • Allows for a greater percentage of natural characteristics such as heartwood & sap to be use in the product
  • Offered at a discount to Select/Premium Grades due to increased production & yield efficiencies
  • Suitable for medium to dark stain finishes
Rustic Grades
  • Focus on use of knots & burs
  • A great use of what would otherwise be considered a defect in this natural characteristic found in every hardwood
Budget/Value & Paint Grades
  • Allows for greater efficiencies & material usage- Creates a structurally sound product from wood falling outside of WalzCraft’s Select or Natural Grade standards
  • Offered at a discount to Select or Natural Grades due to increased production & yield efficiencies
  • Suitable for medium to dark stains & paint finishes
“Character” Grades
  • Species including an abundance of natural characteristics
  • Species include:
    • Gummy Cherry
    • Wormy Maple
    • Often utilized in creating an imaginative final product
Eucalyptus – Red Grandis
  • Excellent consistency in color, grain and workability
  • Plantation grown FSC Certified quality hardwood
  • A great renewable, imported wood
  • A sustainable wood from Europe
  • More wood (volume) and forests (area) are currently being grown than can be harvested within the same period
  • The fastest growing plant on planet Earth
  • Harvested ensuring zero negative impact on our environment

Now understanding a bit more about the main differences between each of WalzCraft’s wood species and Green Material options, make your next project greener by considering which wood grade will best suit your job. Consider a wood grade that will allow WalzCraft to utilize our lumber in the most efficient way, while offering the best value for your needs.

Rustic Wood Species

Need that wilderness retreat or mountain ski lodge look? Try any of WalzCraft’s Rustic Wood Grades offered including: Alder, Birch, Butternut, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Oak, & Walnut Species (a similar look can also be achieved using a Knotty Grade of Pine). View Rustic Wood Species here. Rustic Grades highlight the unique and natural characteristics of the wood including mineral, sapwood and heartwood, along with knots. Color variation may range from white in sapwood areas to dark in the heartwood areas. Knots vary in placement and size, while WalzCraft does ensure that all Rustic products will be structurally sound. Try any of our unique Rustic Wood Grades on WalzCraft’s many cabinet door styles. Popular looks include Contemporary Mortise & Tenon (Plank), Applied Molding & shaped top rail Traditional style cabinet doors. View Rustic Cabinet Door Designs here.

Straight Grain Species

Contemporary projects often call for a very consistent grain and color matched species. WalzCraft offers various solid woods that help to achieve such looks including: Bamboo, Cherry, Douglas Fir, Mahogany, Maple, Oak & Sapele. Depending on the species, available options include Quarter Sawn, Rift Sawn or Straight Grains. Applying such wood species to a slab & batten or shaker cabinet door style often provides an aesthetically balanced and consistent look across an entire row of cabinets. In some applications, a continuous grain or end matched pattern may also be specified in order to continue an exact grain match across a bank of cabinets, where WalzCraft builds an over sized glued up panel in order to cut parts based on the dimensions needed for your custom configuration. For other projects where a veneered door style is more suitable, WalzCraft also offers various Quarter and Rift Sawn Veneer species for MDF core cabinet door styles. Reconstituted (Architectural Grade) Veneers are also a newer option to WalzCraft, a man-made veneer using fast growing tropical wood species that are dyed to mimic the look of particular hardwood species. These options offer a very consistent grain and color match from sheet to sheet, ensuring a consistent grain match suitable for any finish color, including a Natural/Clear Coat.

Where to View Wood Grades

To take a closer look at a specific wood specie/grade combination, we recommend that you view a sample on our website at www.WalzCraft.com, where you can click on the Wood Species tab at the top of the home page. You may also wish to order a sample to have for your own use in comparing one wood species to another, or to approve with your customer prior to placing a full order.

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