301 - Oil Rubbed Bronze Wire Mesh Grille (Flat)


The Wire Mesh Grille Pattern #301 above is shown in an Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish with Flat Wire on the Face (Reeded Wire on the Back) in a Woven Diamond Pattern (Single Crimped Wire Style). The Single Crimp Wire Style method bends wire back and forth at evenly spaced intervals. The wire is then woven into each crimp in each direction forming the mesh. As the wires begin to press against each other tension is created, which holds the mesh together.

Wire Mesh Grill Inserts offer a visually pleasing & functional purpose to doors by allowing air flow to and from the mesh area where there may be a need for breathability, such as with entertainment centers housing electronic equipment, where airflow is essential to the functionality of the equipment being stored.

WalzCraft’s Wire Mesh Inserts can be placed into any frame door style and can also be ordered separately by the sheet in any of the available patterns and finishes. Wire mesh grilles are recommended for indoor use / applications only.

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Wire Mesh Grille Specifications

as shown
  • Style/Part #: 301 - Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Pattern Number:301
  • Finish/Wire Color:Oil Rubbed Bronze
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  • Wire Type:Flat Wire (Face)
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  • Wire Size:1/16" Thick
    1/8" Wide
  • Wire-to-Wire Spacing:3/4"
  • Wire Pattern:Woven Diamond Pattern
  • Wire Crimp Style:Single

Additional Information:

Due to the maximum sheet size (20" x 48") available for Wire Mesh, some door sizes may need to be split with a center rail or center stile, or be constructed as two doors.


WalzCraft offers Rubber Retainer in clear, white, brown & black colors that is compatible for affixing Wire Mesh Grille Inserts into any frame style door. Rubber retainer not only requires less time for installation, but also maintains a professional appearance from the backside of a door.


Individual samples of Wire Mesh can be purchased in a 4 ½" x 8" size upon request. Please contact our Customer Support Team today to place your order.

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