1-Piece MDF Doors

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Whether your next painted cabinet door and drawer front project calls for a slab, raised or flat panel, or mullion design, try WalzCraft’s 1-piece MDF construction. One-piece MDF doors/drawer fronts can be ordered in ¾” or 1” thicknesses and are precision routed with a CNC machine to create your selection of profiles on the door style of choice.

The number of passes the machine must complete to route the chosen profiles into the door/drawer front determines your square foot price, where more complex profiles require additional passes. This type of door construction can be ordered raw (intended for a paint finish) or prefinished by WalzCraft in any of our Primed Only for Paint or SolidTone® Paint Finishes.

1-Piece MDF Availability

The maximum size of a raw MDF product is 48″ W x 96″ H. Please also note that when choosing an Applied Molding Outside Edge, the Applied Molding will be constructed of Maple-Hard / Soft-Mixed Paint Grade wood when applied to the edge of an MDF product. For further MDF product notes, please view the online catalog specifications above.

Placing An Order For MDF Doors & Drawer Fronts

WalzCraft’s MDF cabinet doors and drawer fronts are constructed of premium 3/4″ or 1″ thick 48# MDF.

In order to place your order, please specify:

  • A Stile & Rail / Center Panel Profile Combination (shown above in our online catalog specifications)
  • Choose from our large selection of Outside Edge Profiles
  • Select a door and/or drawer front style (shown above in our online catalog specifications above)

Alternatives to 1-Piece MDF Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts

As an alternative to 1-Piece MDF cabinet door and drawer front styles, you may also wish to try other related products offered by WalzCraft.

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For assistance in placing your order, please contact our Customer Support team.