Bread & Cutting Boards

Bread & Cutting Boards

WalzCraft offers various handcrafted Bread & Cutting Board styles all suitable for food preparation in any residential kitchen. All Bread & Cutting Boards are constructed using solid wood staves that are edge glued using Franklin’s Titbond 50 glue.

Consider a new Bread or Cutting Board for your kitchen as Wood Bread & Cutting Board styles are less abrasive to your kitchen utensils in comparison to other hard cutting surfaces such as glass, steel, or marble. WalzCraft’s Bread & Cutting Boards are incredibly durable and when cared for properly, can last for generations. Please call our Customer Support Team for more information on pricing and availability.

Custom Solid Maple Bread Boards

Solid Wood Pull Out Bread Board
Style 166 Bread Board

Our custom Solid Wood Maple Bread Boards are built to your size specifications and are constructed of solid wood staves 60mm or less. Each end is 2 1/8″ wide and features an integral finger grip of your wood species choice. Available Solid Maple Wood Grades Include:

  • Hard – Natural / Standard
  • Hard / Soft Mix – Value / Budget

All of WalzCraft’s Stain, SolidTone & Glaze finish options are available but are limited to the Bread Board Ends. The faces of Solid Maple Bread Boards, excluding the ends, are unfinished and should be treated with mineral oil upon delivery. See information below about Caring For Your Bread Board.

Cutting Boards With Handles

If you are looking for an easy to handle Solid Wood Cutting Board, try one of three fixed available sizes including an integrated handle.

1115 Cutting Board
Style 1115 Cutting Board
1118 Cutting Board
Style 1118 Cutting Board
1119 Cutting Board
Style 1119 Cutting Board

All solid wood species are available and are 5/8″ thick with a D29 standard  Outside Edge profile.

To add a touch of personalization to your Cutting Board, try WalzCraft’s Laser Engraving! Add your company’s logo for advertising or a personal message to create a unique and practical gift.

Please contact our Customer Support Team today to learn more about Laser Engraving and how you can utilize WalzCraft’s customized Cutting Boards as a promotional item for your business.

See information below about Caring For Your Cutting Board.

Caring For Your Bread Or Cutting Board

Wood Bread & Cutting Boards need to be cared for with mineral oil as needed and with use to avoid warping, cracking, and splitting. These products are not dishwasher friendly and are not warranted against water damage. It is very important to properly care for your Bread or Cutting Board by avoiding submersion in water and thoroughly drying after cleaning.

Butcher Block Countertops

If you are alternatively looking to integrate an oversized Cutting Board or solid wood countertop into your kitchen design, WalzCraft’s solid wood Butcher Block designs may be just the answer.