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Gothic and Qtr Circle Cabinet Doors

WalzCraft’s Accent Cabinet Doors are completely made to order, allowing you to tailor each and every aspect from the wood specie to the style & layout of accent choice. Our Custom Accent Door Styles include but are not limited to Applied Moldings, Inserts, Custom Center Panels & Custom Door Styles.

We would like to help you to create your one-of-a-kind lasting impression with our totally flattering Accent Cabinet Door choices. Please contact our Customer Support Team today with your distinctive needs. Our friendly team stands ready to serve you Week Days from 7:00 am through 4:30 pm CST.

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Quarter & Half Circle and Gothic Cabinet Doors

Quarter & Half Circle and Gothic Cabinet Door designs are considered to be a more radical accent door choice. These doors function well as noticeable additions to many furniture and custom built-in designs.

Gothic and Qtr Circle Cabinet DoorsAlthough door widths are limited to 1/4″ increments when ordering, these doors can be completely customized by adjusting Stile & Rail dimensions from the standard 2 1/4″ width, along with changing the Center Panel from a raised solid wood or flat veneered option to a glass insert. Various Mullion/Lite Pattern options are also compatible with these accent door styles. WalzCraft offers further variation of each Quarter & Half Circle and Gothic Door style, with these designs each being available with a squared or completely shaped top rail. View additional examples and variations of these unique door styles. For more information, see Quarter & Half Circle and Gothic Doors Specifications in our Online Catalog. Back to Top

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Combination Frame & Panel Cabinet Doors

Combination Frame and Panel Cabinet DoorsCombination Frame & Panel Accent Cabinet Doors are commonly ordered with entertainment center and furniture applications. These cabinet doors make a great addition to custom-built hutch and desk designs. Kitchen cabinetry arrangements also often welcome Combination Frame & Panel Accents as pantry doors. WalzCraft offers complete customization of all Frame & Panel Accent Door orders:

  • Choice of Traditional, Old World, or Mitered Stile & Rail profile
  • Available with solid wood or veneered flat center panel

Frame openings can also accept a number of choices including:

  • Glass
  • Mullions
  • Dowels
  • Louvers

For more information, please see view WalzCraft’s Combination Frame & Panel Cabinet Doors here or send your custom drawing to our Customer Support Team today. Bact to Top

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Decorative Inserts

Decorative Inserts (Pegs-Buttons) on Cabinet Door FramesDecorative Peg Inserts are an excellent way to tastefully change a basic door design to create a unique look such as an Art’s & Craft Cabinet Door Style. Options Available Include:

  • Multiple shapes, sizes & wood species
  • Raised Button & Flat Top Pyramid designs create a more pronounced accent look
  • Flush pegs blend more with the product’s natural profiles and shape
  • Butterfly Peg Inserts are available & can be ordered in addition to Center Panel Face Routing for additional detailing.
  • The grain on the Decorative Peg Insert will run in the same direction as the grain of the part into which it is inserted. Inserts will not be visible from the back of the product.

WalzCraft does also offer Routed Face Options as an alternative accent choice, with Round, Square, & Diamond patterns available. All Decorative Insert Peg & Routed Face Options are further customizable by Insert Pattern, which must be specified when ordering.

See Decorative Peg Inserts on WalzCraft Signature Series designs.

You may also view more information about Decorative Inserts here. Bact to Top

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Applied Mullion Doors

Applied Mullion Doors are becoming a more common choice of accent cabinet door style because of their design flexibility and ability to blend well with a large range of cabinet door styles. This type of door style can help to add a hint of accent to a continuous row of cabinet doors and can also add a pleasing touch to custom furniture designs. Applied Mullion (Muntin) Patterns on Cabinet Doors Applied Mullion Cabinet Doors:

  • Available with all Lite Pattern Styles
  • Mullion is applied to the face of a 1/4″ Veneered Flat Center Panel door
  • All Applied Mullion Door designs can alternately be ordered prepped for Glass Insert

View WalzCraft Signature Series designs featuring Applied Mullions Patterns. You may also view additional Lite Pattern Options for Applied Mullion, Wood Frame & Mullion Door Styles here. Bact to Top

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Wood Lattice

Wood Lattice Inserts for Cabinet DoorsWood Lattice Inserts can be a stylish way to introduce accent cabinet doors into a rich looking kitchen cabinetry layout. Lattice Center Panel doors also offer an added functional purpose beyond their visually pleasing appearance as air can flow through the lattice insert, serving as a beautiful addition to entertainment center, custom built-in, and furniture applications.

  • Lattice Center Panel Inserts can be substituted into nearly any door style
  • Available with all of WalzCraft’s Stile & Rail profiles
  • Over Lapped (Style CPL100) Lattice available
  • Available in multiple wood species
  • Available prefinished or unfinished
  • Lattice Panel Stock is also sold by the panel

To see a full door with Lattice installed view the S418 Lattice – CPL100 WalzCraft Signature Series design.

View more information about Wood Lattice Inserts here. Bact to Top

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Beaded Applied Molding Panels

Beaded Molding on Cabinet DoorsBeaded Applied Molding Accent Panels present a rich and unique alternative to familiar Louvered cabinetry designs.

  • Designed to be affixed to a 1/4″ ply or veneered flat single or multiple panel door style
  • Can be applied in a horizontal or vertical direction, allowing you to customize your accent doors to taste
  • The interlocking molding design is cut to fit, and may result in a partial bead on the center panel depending on the door size ordered

Try a beaded Applied Molding Panel Accent Door for your next custom cabinetry or furniture design, or view the S245 Palisades & S362 Empire WalzCraft Signature Series designs for more information here.