Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility at WalzCraft

Corporate Responsibility

Quality is a measure of the expectations of those who have a hand in the process. At WalzCraft we believe that our reputation for producing quality cabinet doors and cabinet components is a result of the quality of our team members.

WalzCraft team members work in a safety conscious environment where extra considerations and resources are directed at employee health and well-being. The benefit of these efforts is an increasing quality of life that extends beyond the individual to our customers and community. As a corporate representative of the greater La Crosse area for over 35 years, WalzCraft is an active contributor to local initiatives and charities.


In a manufacturing environment, the risk of injury is never dormant. The combination of moving parts, machinery, and people create ample reason for awareness. The WalzCraft approach to a safe work environment is proactive through continuous safety awareness and the resources to help eliminate potential risk.

Listed below are some of the ways WalzCraft maintains a safe work environment:

Corporate Responsibility-Safety

Dedicated full-time Safety Team Leader

  • Responsible for ensuring compliance with Federal safety standards
  • Provides required safety and health training to employees
  • Acts as a resource for Team Leaders, as they monitor safety concerns each day from the production floor
  • Reports safety concerns and improvements to management on a daily basis
  • Investigates all work-related injuries
  • Assists in the development and implementation of safety policies and programs
  • Conducts regular safety inspections of WalzCraft facilities
  • Leads in-house Safety Team
  • Oversees annual hearing test for all production employees

In-house Safety Team

  • Management / Employee committee reviews safety-related issues, policies, and accidents
  • Make recommendations for corrections or changes to ensure a safe work environment for all employees

Member of the La Crosse Area Occupational Safety and Health Council 

  • Recognized in 2017 for demonstrating outstanding safety records

Outstanding Manufacturing Safety Performance

Hazardous Material Training

  • General Hazardous Waste Worker Training (Annual)
  • Hazardous Waste/Hazardous Materials Response Plan (Annual)
  • Department of Transportation Training (DOT) for personnel involved in Hazardous Material Shipping (3 years)

Hazardous Material Written Plans

  • Hazardous Waste Minimization Plan Objective of reducing the volume and toxicity of waste, at the point of generation, met since implementation.
  • DOT Security Plan
  • Universal Waste & Miscellaneous Waste Management Guild lines

Smoke and Tobacco-Free Environment

Employee Health

WalzCraft actively promotes a good health and general well-being through many of the following initiatives:

Partners with local Healthcare Facilities to Promote Wellness

Healthcare facilities gather data

  • Employees complete a Health Risk Appraisal (HRA).

Healthcare facilities provide Health screenings

  • Blood Pressure check.
  • Cholesterol and diabetes screenings.
  • Bone density testing.

On-site Health fair

  • Display tables and staff addressing a variety of health and wellness topics.
  • Assistance with interpreting your health screening report.
  • Gathering additional information on various health and wellness topics.
  • Consultations with Healthcare Specialists regarding questions related to your health.

On-going support and programs

  • Wellness Walking routes around our manufacturing facility.
  • Annual flu shots.
  • Information is continually provided for early detection and management of health.

Community Involvement & Initiatives

Habitat for Humanity –

  • Faith-based organization uniting people from various sectors of society to make the dream of homeownership a reality for low-income families.
  • No Government money is used for construction, financial support comes from individuals, corporations, foundations, and churches.
  • WalzCraft donates cabinet doors and other product, along with extra building materials such as lumber and sheet goods, to the Habitat ReStore. Donations are then used to build and preserve Habitat homes and are sold to the public at discounted prices.

Food Drives

Rotary Lights –

  • WalzCraft is a Sponsor and Volunteer of this event.
  • Food donations benefit seven area Food Pantries.
  • Cash donations support the lighting project and the participating non-profit organizations so they can continue their respective missions.

Walk to End Alzheimer’s

  • The WalzCraft participates in the La Crosse Walk and raises funds to help further the care, support, and research efforts of the Alzheimer’s Association.

Jeans Day

  • Jeans Day is a day when employees may dress for work in jeans. In return, each employee donates one dollar to area non-profit organizations.
  • Organized by the La Crosse Tribune and is held every Friday at WalzCraft.
  • This program was designed to boost employee morale and support the La Crosse area by donating to good local causes.

Western Technical College / Walzcraft Endowed Scholarship

  • Scholarship opportunity for students of a Parent or Grandparent employed by WalzCraft.

Community Sponsorships

  • Local Boys & Girls Club youth athletics
  • Donations to various individual benefits
  • WalzCraft Night at the Races
  • WalzCraft Night at the Loggers Game