Signature Series

WalzCraft Signature Series

An easy way to tailor Cabinet Door & Drawer Front Designs to your customer's specifications

Signature Series Definition

Here’s how it works …

Throughout and in our Signature Series Brochure you will find images of sample doors and drawer fronts. Next to these samples is a Signature Series Number and Name which can be used to look up the specifications for each sample. The Signature Series Number and Name represent the combination of profiles used to create that Signature Series design.

The Signature Series is designed to allow you to take a combination of profiles and options (Standard Profiles & Options) and use them to order doors and drawer fronts in any Wood Species, Wood Grade, Door Style, and Finish Options (Customer Specific Features) that you wish.


The two components of each Signature Series design are the Standard Profiles & Options and Customer Specific Features.

Each Signature Series Design has a predefined combination of profiles and options.

The Standard Profiles & Options of a particular design will include one or more of profiles and options list below:


  • Stile & Rail or Mitered Profile
  • Center Panel Profile
  • Outside Edge Profile


  • Non-Standard Part Sizes
  • Applied Molding
  • Decorative Inserts


  • Stile & Rail Face Routing
  • Center Panel Face Routing
  • Radius Corners

How to Customize the Doors and Drawer Fronts

The Customer Specific Features are the items that the customer must provide when ordering. The Customer Specific Features for the Signature Series samples shown on our website and Signature Series Brochures can be referenced using the Signature Series Name and Number. When ordering Signature Series doors or drawer fronts, you have the option to provide your own Customer Specific Features or you can check the box on the order form noting that you want to use the ones shown in the Signature Series Design you are referencing. Click here to learn more about ordering Signature Series designs.

Customer Specific Features of a particular design must include all required items:


  • Wood Species
  • Wood Grade
  • Thickness
  • Door Style


  • Finishing Choice
  • Glazing
  • Distressing


  • Finger Pulls
  • Hinge Boring
  • And Numerous Others

Signature Series Brochure

If you are a customer who would like a printed copy of our brochure, please contact our Customer Support Team.