Traditional Raised Panel Wainscot

Wainscot Panels & Moldings

Wainscot Paneling, derived from the basic idea of lining a wall with boards, has been a popular interior décor choice for centuries since its early European influence. Historically this style of paneling was used to insulate interior common areas to create a warm and inviting environment, while also covering any inconsistencies of a bare wall such as from moisture/water damage.

The primary function of today’s Wainscoting has transformed, to generally serve a decorative purpose. There are many variations of Wainscot styles made of a combination of materials and profiles. Wainscot Paneling acts as an enhancement to any room, whether a kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, or even hallway or staircase, and can be applied from the floor to ceiling or from the floor midway up a wall, where a Wainscot Cap Molding is often used to transition from the paneling to the wall.

Wainscoting has now also crossed into the commercial spectrum, with many professional offices, waiting rooms and the like adding interior wainscot paneling to bring character and personality into the common office setting.

Whether you are looking to dress up a residential or commercial space, WalzCraft offers various Wainscot styles to suit any project and installation requirements. As always, your choice of Stain, SolidTone, and Glaze finish options are available for all Wainscot styles, on your choice of available standard wood species.

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Raised & Flat Center Panel Wainscot Configurations

WalzCraft offers completely custom assembled Wainscot configurations ranging from popular Shaker designs to more Traditional styles with rich profiling, including applied molding, looks. Every aspect of your Wainscot order can be specified from the wood species to the frame shape, number of center panel openings, profiles, and part sizes.

Most Traditional Door Styles (frame shapes) can be used to create a custom Wainscot Panel with a raised or flat center panel look. Mitered and French Mitered Door Styles may require special configurations (please inquire with our Customer Support Team for more information).

When Ordering Assembled Wainscot Panels, Please Specify:

  • Wainscot Style or Door Style #
  • Individual Stile & Rail part sizes
  • Raised or Flat Center Panel Choice
  • Outside Edge Selection (D7 – squared is considered standard)
Red Oak Wainscoting

Wainscot Construction

Wainscot Panels up to 144″ in width are constructed in one-piece unless a split is specified. Our True-Blind Mortise & Tenon Joints are constructed with great attention to detail, offering a pinless construction for stronger & tighter joints.

Wainscot with Wainscot Cap Molding

Custom Wainscot & Special Requirements

WalzCraft can fabricate odd shaped Wainscots for stairways and other unique applications. Curved Wainscot Panels are also available upon request with any choice of approved profile choices.

Please provide WalzCraft with any special requirements for your Wainscot Configuration for consideration during the quote/order and manufacturing process.

View our online catalog specifications for all Wood Wainscot Styles.

Wainscot Accessories

Wainscot Cap & Backband Moldings are also available to help create a finished look with your paneling creation.

Learn more about our Wainscot Cap & Backband Moldings.

Beaded & Grooved Panels (Center Panel Face Rout)

Beaded Wainscot Panels

Center Panel Face Routing (CPFR) can be applied to various Sheet Stock Panel materials to create a Beaded / Grooved Panel look. This application is common on the side panels of end cabinets, around the back side of kitchen islands, and often lining the inside of upper cabinets intended for glass doors, where the inside of the cabinet box is exposed to the eye.

WalzCraft offers Center Panel Face Routing (Beaded / Grooved Panel) options on 1/4″ thick Veneered Panels and 3/8″ thick or greater Solid & MDF Panels. (Please note that due to inconsistencies of the inner ply, CPFR is not an option with Veneer Core materials).

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Tongue & Groove Wainscot is offered in fixed widths ranging from 1 1/2″ to 5″ in patterns such as V-Groove, Beaded, and more. Tongue & Groove Wainscot is available in all of WalzCraft’s standard wood species and can be shipped finished by WalzCraft, or unfinished for those projects requiring finishing on site.

Tongue & Groove Wainscot Can Be Ordered In Three Ways:

  • 8′ lengths
  • Cut to length per lineal foot (sold in 1′ increments)
  • Random lengths per lineal foot (200 lineal foot minimum in the same molding, wood species, and grade)

Learn more about WalzCraft’s Tongue & Groove Wainscot by visiting our online catalog specifications.

Learn more about WalzCraft’s various Wainscot Cap Moldings, which are a convenient way to complete your Wainscot Panel look.

Beaded & Grooved Panels (Center Panel Face Rout)


Wainscot Kit Panel and Moldings

WalzCraft also offers Wall Wainscot Kit Moldings for assembly of decorative wall treatments on the job site. Choice of sheet stock material, Face Frame Stock part sizes, and our Wall Wainscot Kit Moldings allow you to create your own one-of-a-kind Wainscot wall paneling to suit any decor. An additional benefit of ordering Wall Wainscot components individually is the ability to work around the natural obstacles of any room and maximize the yield of your materials, all while creating a unique Wainscot design.

WalzCraft offers the individual Wall Wainscot components to create flat or raised Wainscot Wall configurations in any of our standard wood species. Plywood (supplied locally) is first applied to the wall. Choice of flat panel material or profiled raised center panels are then constructed into a frame created from Face Frame Stock pieces that are applied to the Plywood wall covering. Trim out your custom design with our various Wall Wainscot Kit Moldings, Cap & Backband Moldings & Applied Moldings to create a rich look portraying depth and flow from top to bottom. Finally, apply a Base Molding where necessary and any additional finishing touches.

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Wainscot Kit Molding and Panels

Panel Moldings are a great cost-effective way to create a custom decorative wall treatment that can suit a room of any size and shape. Paired with Base Trim and often Chair Rail Molding, Panel Moldings allow you to create your own Wainscot look, with the added convenience of planning and executing your design on site. This helps you to avoid costly measuring errors and to build your wall treatment around the natural obstacles of a room (such as windows, doorways, and vents).

Panel Moldings can be applied directly to a wall or onto any material lining a wall such as plywood or MDF panels. Assembling your choice of Panel Molding into frame shapes achieves the look of a panel, while the addition of a Base Trim at the floor and Chair Rail Molding or horizontal application of your Panel Molding running the perimeter of the room, helps to create the feel of a bottom & top rail above and below each panel shape. Any choice of finish can be applied to this molding application to match or contrast the decor of your walls. To achieve a more unique look, any choice of wallpaper or contrasting color can be applied inside the created panel areas.

WalzCraft offers a large range of moldings that can be used as Panel Moldings

To complete this look, add WalzCraft’s Base & Chair Rail Molding to your design. Window Sill & Casing Moldings can also help to create a finished look when trimming out the doorways and windows surrounding your panel creations.

Learn more about all of WalzCraft’s many Molding Profiles by visiting our online catalog specifications. Please contact our Customer Support Team for assistance with your next decorative wall treatment project.