Cabinet Feet & Toe Kick Valances

Tapered Cabinet Feet

Whether you may be looking to outfit a unique furniture piece or to incorporate a furniture feel into a custom cabinetry design, WalzCraft offers a variety of custom Cabinet Feet & Toe Kick Valance components to help you complete your look for any range of styles and designs.

While learning more below about WalzCraft’s Cabinet Feet & Toe Kick Valance products, you may also wish to take a look at any of WalzCraft’s Table Legs & Pilasters, Create a Column Components, or Corbels to compliment our Cabinet Feet & Toe Kick Valance designs. These components are available with profiles and features that mimic our Cabinet Feet & Toe Kick Valance designs.


Whole & Tapered Feet

WalzCraft offers solid wood Whole & Tapered Feet designs in various fixed dimensions, ranging from simple & clean to elegant & intricate styles. Various popular wood species are available, including Alder, Cherry, Maple and Red Oak, each available prefinished to match other project components prefinished by WalzCraft.

Cabinet Feet - Maple 130514 (Bun Feet)

Our Small Bun Feet are offered in Classic & Modern styles, with our Tapered Feet designs having a more simple look often applicable with Contemporary projects. Our various Whole & Tapered Feet components are designed to sit low to the floor and are often applied underneath casing pieces, in the toe kick area of base cabinets, and underneath furniture creations as a simple way to add character and craft a furniture look for your custom built-in and furniture projects.

To learn more about WalzCraft’s Whole & Tapered Feet Products, please see our online catalog specifications

Custom Cabinet Feet

WalzCraft also offers custom Ogee-shaped Cabinet Feet which raise furniture & cabinetry further off the floor than Whole & Tapered Feet designs. This style of Cabinet Foot is available in heights 4″ and greater in all of our standard wood species.

Cabinet Feet CF100 & CF200

Our CF100 Series Cabinet Feet can be ordered as individual left and right pieces, with an optional 45 degree Miter Cut for joining. Our CF200 Series Cabinet Feet design is a bit more intricate in style and is available in various fixed sizes, Assembled only. The CF200 Cabinet Feet design is specifically designed to match WalzCraft’s Drawer Front Molding #2158 and #2159.

To learn more about WalzCraft’s CF100 & CF200 Cabinet Feet designs & species availability, please see our online catalog specifications for Custom Cabinet Feet.

Toe Kick Valances

Toe Kick Valance 1789Toe Kick Valances are a one-piece construction of solid wood or MDF. Various designs are available to compliment all of WalzCraft’s Upper Cabinet Valance styles, with availability in both 3/4″ & 1″ thicknesses in all of our standard wood species up to 96″ in width.

This style of Toe Kick is a great addition to any base cabinet Face Frame configuration and also furniture pieces such as dressers, nightstands, and more, and allows for complete customization allowing you to specify your exact size requirements.

Learn more about our Toe Kick Valances by visiting our online catalog specifications.

Do you have a kitchen island, table or other stand alone invention designed to function in the same environment with our Cabinet Feet & Toe Kick Valances? Try WalzCraft’s other Cabinet Accessories to to create a more consistent and finished look for your next project.
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