Old World Cabinet Doors

Old World Doors

Old World Cabinet Doors

Old World Cabinet Doors present a predominantly masculine design originating from (developed from / featuring) a mix of European influences. Compared to our Traditional style cabinet doors, Old World Doors offer impressive features such as increased thickness, deeper profiles, and wider Stiles & Rails. The result, a high-end product with a dramatic look and feel.

These 1″ thick cabinet doors provide a bold look commonly found in high-end kitchens, custom furniture, and offices. Try applying them to islands or appliances to add a unique finishing touch. In the commercial market, Old World doors add architectural detail to reception desks and cabinetry. 

WalzCraft offers a wide variety of options to create a completely custom Old World Door to suit any woodworking project. Customize these doors by adding Center Panel Face Routing, Decorative Inserts, and Applied Molding. Other common features for Old World Cabinet Doors include the use of rustic or exotic wood, along with a one-of-a-kind combination of Distressing Options to demonstrate a well-traveled feel.

Product Education

WalzCraft offers Old World Cabinet Door profiles for both Mortise & Tenon and Mitered Door Styles. Standard Stiles & Rails are 3” wide and can be manufactured in 1”, 1 1/8” and 1 ¼” thicknesses.

Profiles are available for Cabinet Doors with both Raised & Flat Center Panels, and also Frame Only Doors and Cabinet Mullions (Muntins).

Old World Stile & Rail Profiles

Mortise & Tenon Old World Profiles

Mitered MP900 Series Profiles

Old World Center Panel Profiles

Outside Edge Profiles

Standard Outside Edge Profiles

WalzCraft Standard Outside Edge Options

Finish Sanding

The WalzCraft standard is to finish / fladder sand all of its products to at least a 180 grit finish sand. Most WalzCraft doors are orbital sanded on both the front and back sides. All cross grain scratches are removed from the face of each door. Each door is then fladder sanded / denibbed on the front and backsides to remove any raised grain and to lightly break any sharp edges. This results in minimal prep work upon delivery for in house finishing.

All Finish Sanding is included at no additional charge.


When placing an order with WalzCraft, you have the option to run the product through the manufacturing process under our (SL) Standard Lead Time Schedule or our (EX) Expedited Schedule.

If WalzCraft makes a mistake on your order we will expedite those items, by producing them on our Expedited Order Schedule. Replacement items are then shipped out to you, via the shipping method originally elected for the order, at no additional charge.

Consistent Sizing

WalzCraft warrants the outside dimensions of all products to be within a size tolerance of +/- 1mm. All component parts of an assembled product will have a size tolerance of +/- 2mm.


If you are interested in seeing a particular door style, wood species, grade or finish color, we suggest ordering a sample that can be taken to your job site. Discounts may be granted on single samples and displays for showrooms. We reserve the right to limit sample and display orders based on your annual purchases.

Customer Service

Our friendly Customer Support Team is available to answer any questions you may have from 7:00 am – 4:30 pm every work day.