Old World Cabinet Doors

Old World Cabinet Doors present a predominantly masculine design (originating from / developed from / featuring) a mix of different European influences. These doors often boast impressive features such as increased thickness, deeper profiles, and wider Stiles & Rails to give a more dramatic look & feel when compared to a Traditional style cabinet door.

Old World doors are a common fit to achieve a bold look with high-end kitchen cabinets, unique island centerpieces, and to add a finished touch as appliance panels. These doors can also serve as an admirable addition to custom oversized furniture pieces and built-in projects. In the commercial market, Old World doors can serve as a breathtaking touch to reception desks and cabinetry, giving a rich look to any Professional’s office setting. Decorative Accent Components may also compliment your customer’s Old World doors, including Corbels and several styles of molding to achieve just the right look.

Old-World - Wider and Thicker Stiles & Rails

WalzCraft offers Old World profiles for both Mortise & Tenon and Mitered Door Styles. Standard Stiles & Rails are 3” wide and can be manufactured in 1”, 1 1/8” and 1 ¼” thicknesses.

WalzCraft offers a wide variety of options to create a completely custom Old World Door look to suit any woodworking project. Doors can be customized by adding Center Panel Face Routing, Decorative Inserts, Applied Molding, and a large variety of finish combinations. Other common features that may be selected for an Old World Door include a rustic or exotic wood, along with a one-of-a-kind combination of Distressing Options to demonstrate a well-traveled feel.

WalzCraft custom doors are a great selection for any Old World design scheme. Please contact our Customer Support Specialists today to place a quote/order for your next project.

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