Leaded Glass

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In addition to offering a large selection of completely custom made Frame & Mullion (Muntin) Door styles, WalzCraft also offers various Cabinet Door Inserts including custom Leaded Glass in various design configurations and custom sizes.

Leaded Glass Availability

Leaded Glass is available in an assortment of configurations, which are 1/4″ thick and can be ordered independently or with Frame Only door Styles. Each Leaded Glass Panel can be ordered in custom sizes that fall between minimum and maximum sizes based on the configuration chosen.

Leaded glass Panels (Windows) are “Cemented” with glazing putty so that there is no rattling glass. The Caming (lead mullion/muntins) come standard in a Pewter color.

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Designer Glass Availability

Designer Glass is offered in 1/8″ thickness in various common patterns such as Clear, Frosted and Double Strength, to more unique and trendy styles such as Corded, Seeded & Reeded. Design can be ordered independently, with Frame Only Doors or with Mullion Doors having standard lites.

All patterns are also available with a Sandblasted option for further customization (include “-SB” after the glass pattern when placing your order). Rubber Retainer can be ordered separately to aid with the installation of Designer Glass (simply check the box on the order form to indicate your color preference).

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Glass Shelving Availability

Glass Shelving is offered in 1/4″ & 3/8″ thicknesses in both Jade and Starfire options. The difference in these two options is seen when looking at the edge of a Jade shelf, whichhas a distinct green color. The Starfire shelf has a 60% clearer edge than the Jade option.

Custom sizes are offered up to 15″ wide by 40″ high. A premium high gloss polished edge is standard on all four sides of Glass Shelving.

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