Curved Cabinet Doors & Radius Products

Curved / Radius Cabinet Doors & Components

All of WalzCraft’s Curved Cabinet Doors are built using state-of-the-art technology and equipment. All rails are custom laminated using solid wood material, while the stiles and center panel are constructed of solid wood staves. As your leader in the industry, WalzCraft offers the largest variety of standard profile choices, door styles, radii, and wood species.

Along with Convex and Concave Raised & Flat Panel Doors and Drawer Fronts, WalzCraft also offers Contemporary Slab Doors & Drawer Fronts, Curved Moldings, Drawer Boxes, Frame and Mullion Doors, and both Square and Beaded Face Frames. WalzCraft can even prefit inset doors and drawer fronts to face frame configurations. Best of all, these products are all available at incredibly competitive prices!

Convex Curved Cabinet Doors & Drawer Front


Convex Curved Cabinet Door


Curved (Radius - Convex) Drawer Box


Convex Curved Face Frame



Curved Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts

WalzCraft Convex and Concave Doors & Drawer Fronts are built with superior craftsmanship and are available in many variations of style.

Radius Cabinet Door & Drawer Front Styles

All “Traditional” and “Old World” Stile & Rail, Center Panel and Outside Edge profiles are available when ordering Convex, with the exception of some applied molding edges. Concave products are limited to the profile options noted in our Specifications Catalog. All Mitered Mortise & Tenon profiles marked with “C” symbol (Pictured below) indicate Curved Product compatibility.

Identifying Curved - Radius Products and Options “C” Symbol

Additional Options & Functional Enhancements Available for Curved Products

  • Available in 3/4″, 1″, 1 1/8″, and 1 1/4″ thickness
  • Custom Stile & Rail part widths beyond 2 1/4″ standard
  • Door & Drawer Front availability up to a maximum height of 96″
  • Hinge Boring

Additional Accent Options also Available for Approved Curved Products

The “C” symbol is used throughout the catalog to represent profiles and options that are available when ordering Curved Products. Please contact our Customer Support Team today for further information, Curved Product Compatibility, or to submit drawings for any special requirements. *Please keep in mind that due to the complexity of Curved Products, WalzCraft will ask you to sign off on a quote & approval drawing prior to manufacturing. We ask that you allow adequate time to complete our quote process.

Convex Curved Cabinet Door
Convex - S544 Salem
Concave Curved Cabinet Door
Concave - S546 Regal
Convex Curved Cabinet Door
Convex Mitered - S593 Noble
Concave Curved Cabinet Door
Concave - S546 Regal

Curved Front Dovetail Drawer Boxes

Curved (Radius - Convex) Drawer Box
Convex - DBP201
Concave - DBP202
Convex - DBP203L
Concave - DBP204L

Curved Front Drawer Boxes are ideal for projects having unique space & design elements. Most often, Curved Front Drawer Boxes are suitable for stand-alone furniture pieces such as:

  • Night Stands & Dressers
  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Cabinet Hutches
  • Jewelry Boxes
  • Chests
  • Desks

You may also require Curved Front Drawer Boxes to compliment occasional kitchen & bath cabinetry or even a rare bar/tavern design due to:

  • The transition of cabinetry around the shape of a room
  • To compliment a curved cabinet door or face frame design, such as just below a kitchen sink
  • Custom bar designs where space and shape of the bar itself takes on a radiused contour to create more character

Customizable Drawer Boxes

WalzCraft Curved Front Drawer Boxes are completely customizable. All aspects of your design requirements are taken into consideration to help you overcome any design challenge.

Curved Products and Profiles Options

Radii Options and Ordering Instructions

To learn more about Radii Options & Ordering Instructions, visit our online catalog specifications for Curved Cabinet Doors & Products. Please contact our Customer Support Team to submit a quote request.

Curved Cabinet Doors