Frame & Mullion Cabinet Doors

Mullions / Muntins for Cabinet Door Frames

Mullions / Muntins are moldings that divide the opening of a Cabinet Door Frame and either hold individual panes of glass (true divided lites) or more commonly serve as decorative accents over a single pane of glass. Using a mullion lite pattern with a frame cabinet door is a great way to enhance any cabinet project, combining functionality with stylish design. Kitchen cabinets, free standing furniture, built-ins, and other projects are easily customized by adding accent doors. WalzCraft is the industry leader, offering the most variety of lite patterns and options such as true divided lites, glass retainer and designer glass to compliment your project.

WalzCraft’s frame and mullion cabinet doors are engineered to hold 1/8“ thick glass using an optional rubber retainer. However, we also offer wood retainer molding that can be used for glass 1/8“-1/4“ thick. 90° mullion joints are built using our half-lap construction which produces a very clean and strong mullion joint. As part of the effort to be a single source provider, WalzCraft also offers a full line of Designer Cabinet Glass, Leaded Glass and Wire Mesh Grill. Adding one of these Cabinet Door Frame Insert options to the already extensive line of mullion patterns provides endless possibilities for creative designs.

Whether a project calls for a simple, subtle accent door or a bold focal point design, WalzCraft has the mullion doors needed for any taste. The quality, styles, and extensive options are sure to please any customer.

Product Education

WalzCraft offers an array of patterns for mullion glass doors. Traditional square lites provide timeless design, offering a simple yet classy look. Diamond and circle patterns are available for a more bold statement, putting more emphasis on the accent doors. Arched gothic mullion doors provide a very elegant, stately appearance that is sure to draw attention. Even curved mullion doors are available. Browse through our offering of pattern options below (view as PDF).

Most mullion doors are manufactured by coping the mullion stock and gluing or stapling the pieces together. However, Half Lap Mullion Construction provides stronger joints and a cleaner overall appearance. WalzCraft uses the Half Lap Construction with all stile and rail profiles (with exception to Mullion Molding Stock #2043).

Anchoring at the Strongest Point

Each horizontal and vertical mullion begins and ends at the strongest point: the inside edge of the cabinet door frame.

Mullions that run end-to-end also create more consistent grain flow throughout the lite pattern

Keeping it Clean

No pins or staples are used to join individual mullions together.  Only the half lap and a little glue are needed to create this clean and structurally sound mullion joint.

Half Lap Mullions
Half Lap Mullions

A Crafted Appearance

The precision of the half lap assembly produces virtually seamless mullion joints.

Half Lap Mullions

Each Joints Adds Strength

A half lap at each mullion intersection adds strength to the overall lite pattern by tying in more connection points to the inside of the cabinet door frame.

Half Lap Mullions
Half Lap Mullions

Rubber Glass Retainer

Cabinet Door Rubber Retainer

All WalzCraft Frame and Mullion doors also feature an integrated retainer slot in the Stile and Rail Profile. Using the integrated slot and one of our retainer options is the easiest and most professional way to secure glass inserts into the cabinet door frame.  WalzCraft offers Rubber Retainer in Clear, White, Brown, and Black.

Wood Glass Retainer Molding

WalzCraft also offers several Wood Retainer Molding options in either cut-to-size lengths or as 8′ Moldings. Wood Retainer can be used in place of Rubber Retainer in straight Stile and Rail parts.