Glass Retainer Options

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All of WalzCraft’s Frame Only & Mullion style cabinet doors are engineered with an integrated retainer slot in the Stile & Rail Profile. The slot is intended to accept any one of the available Rubber or Wood Retainer Options that allow for an easier and more efficient installation process, in addition to a professional finished look when securing cabinet glass & wire mesh grille inserts into these door styles.

Rubber Glass Retainer

Rubber Glass Retainer fits into a slot in the Stile & Rail Profile that can only be used with 1/8″ thick glass (also compatible with Wire Mesh Grille Inserts). This retainer option is not compatible with True Lite mullions.

Available colors include: Clear, White, Brown, or Black

To order Rubber Glass Retainer with a Frame or Mullion Door Style, simply check the box on your Door Order Form #2 indicating which color of retainer you desire for your project. Our configurator will automatically determine the amount of retainer you will need for proper installation.

To order Rubber Glass Retainer by itself, please use Miscellaneous Order Form #5 and Part #155067. In the description, please enter the desired color and amount of lineal feet needed. (White retainer is available by the lineal foot up to a maximum of 500 feet, with black, brown and clear retainer available by the lineal foot up to a maximum of 1,000 feet).

Wood Glass Retainer Molding

Solid Wood Glass Retainer Molding is also available in several options for 3/4″ & 1″ thick door styles. These molding selections have different designs, with some intended to accept 1/8″ thick materials while others accept 1/4″ thick materials. Some moldings can also be trimmed on the back side for custom applications.

Wood Tenon Filler Molding and “GRF” Wood Filler Molding are also available options, for any custom frame project requirements.

Wood Glass Retainer Molding can be purchased in cut-to-size lengths or as 8′ moldings.

Please contact our Customer Support Team to place your order today.

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