Drawer Fronts


Drawer Fronts

WalzCraft Cabinet Drawer Fronts are professionally crafted in a variety of styles to suit the many design requirements demanded within the custom cabinet, furniture, and closet industries. Our Cabinet Drawer Front Styles are designed to complement our many cabinet door designs, ranging anywhere from Rich & Traditional to Bold & Contemporary looks.

Each Drawer Front style is unique in its own way and is presented in a manner that can be ordered as featured online and in our WalzCraft Signature Series Color Brochure, or with any level of Modified Profile & Design Options. As with our Cabinet Door designs, WalzCraft offers all of our Drawer Front styles in many wood species options and with many custom features to allow customization at the highest level within the industry.

Product Education

Slab Drawer Fronts

WalzCraft’s most popular Drawer Front style is a solid wood slab with a choice of Outside Edge profile. This 34SQA* style is the perfect companion to any Classic or Modern cabinetry design; as the versatile Outside Edge option allows this Drawer Front design to compliment any Cabinet Door construction and design preferences. A 34SQA* Drawer Front option is often practical for projects requiring Drawer Fronts falling below the minimum size requirements for 5 piece construction Drawer Fronts. For 1″ thick slab Drawer Fronts, order style 100SQE*.

Slab Drawer Front (Style 34SQA*)

Slab Drawer Front Variations

Slab Drawer Front With Applied Molding Outside Edge (Style 916SQA*)

A variation of the Slab Drawer Front style is WalzCraft’s 916SQA design. It is recommended to order a 9/16” thick veneered MDF core slab with this design, where any choice of our approved Applied Molding Outside Edge options can be chosen to create a rich Drawer Front look. (An MDF core helps to avoid any expansion and contraction issues that may occur with an alternative solid wood slab when an Outside Edge Applied Molding is being applied.)

Raised Panel Drawer Front (RP Style)

WalzCraft also offers solid wood Raised Panel Drawer Fronts (RP). These Drawer Fronts offer a choice of Center Panel and Outside Edge profile and are intended to create a uniform look by maintaining more design elements of the Cabinet Door. Raised Panel Drawer Fronts are available in multiple thicknesses and “Looks” (see Drawer Front Looks).

Raised Panel Drawer Front Looks

Raised Panel Drawer Front Looks define how your Drawer Front matches up with the accompanying Cabinet Door.

34SQA* “Looks” A through D compliment ¾” thick Cabinet Doors. More specifically, Looks “A” & “B” allow you to maintain the same Outside Edge thickness as the accompanying 3/4″ thick door. Look “C” also maintains an overall 3/4″ thickness while the Outside Edge is recessed. Look “D” alternatively has an overall 1″ thickness with an Outside Edge that is less than the 3/4″ thickness of any accompanying door.

“Looks” E through G are compatible with 1” thick doors. Looks “E” & “F” maintain the same Outside Edge thickness as the accompanying 1″ thick door. Look “G” also maintains an overall 1″ thickness while the Outside Edge is recessed.

To learn more about WalzCraft’s various Drawer Front Looks, visit our online catalog specifications here or contact our Customer Support Team for additional information.

5 Piece Drawer Front Styles

In addition to Slab Drawer Front styles, WalzCraft also offers a large variety of 5 piece Drawer Front styles. Consistent with our high level of quality, 5 piece Drawer Fronts are also constructed of the same pinless method as are all Traditional, Old World & Mitered Door styles. This Value Added Benefit provides an organic looking high-quality Drawer Front, resulting in tighter joints and an improved appearance.

Traditional Mortise & Tenon (Cope & Stick) Construction

WalzCraft’s most common 5 piece drawer Front designs include our Style 10* & Style 40*, Traditional Mortise & Tenon (Cope & Stick) Construction. The Style 10* Traditional style Drawer Front utilizes a Solid Wood Raised Center Panel (or Reversed Solid Center Panel) with solid wood Stiles & Rails. This design utilizes a floating Center Panel within a solid wood frame, where the choice of inside Stile & Rail profile, Center Panel profile, and Outside Edge profile are interchangeable at no extra cost.

5-Piece Mortise & Tenon Drawer Fronts
5-Piece Solid Wood Mortise & Tenon Drawer Front (Style 10*)
5-Piece Veneer Flat Panel Drawer Fronts
5-Piece Veneer Flat Panel Mortise & Tenon Drawer Front (Style 40*)
Double Panel Drawer Fronts
Double Panel Mortise & Tenon Drawer Front (Style 1010*)

WalzCraft also allows for customization of the standard 2 1/4″ Stile & Rail part sizes (See Flexible Stile & Rail Width), at no extra cost. Please ask about our Hybrid Drawer Front styles for paint grade projects, where an MDF Center Panel can be substituted for solid wood.

The Style 40* Traditional style Drawer Front is similar to a Style 10*; however, this Drawer Front style number indicates a 1/4″ thick MDF core Veneered Flat Center Panel. The Style 40* Drawer Front can also be ordered in a Hybrid style, with a raw 1/4″ MDF Center Panel for paint grade projects.

Additional Mortise & Tenon (Cope & Stick) Drawer Front styles available include slight variations of the Style 10* & 40*. The Style 1010* Drawer Front is similar to the raised panel Style 10* Drawer Front style, with the addition of a Center Stile, dividing the Drawer Front into two equal raised Center Panels. Stile & Rail parts can be requested in sizes beyond the standard 2 1/4″, and this Drawer Front style is also available in a Hybrid option for paint grade projects. For a 1/4″ thick flat Center Panel variation of the Style 1010*, please order a Style 4040* Drawer Front.


Mitered Drawer Fronts

Mitered Mortise & Tenon (Cope & Stick) 5 piece Drawer Fronts are available with a solid Center Panel (Style 10M*) or 1/4″ flat Center Panel (Style 40M*). These Drawer Front styles can be ordered in solid wood or in our Hybrid option, with paint grade Stile & Rail parts using a raw MDF Center Panel for all your paint grade project needs. WalzCraft’s Mitered cabinet Drawer Front styles are a great compliment to any design and are available with the same profile options as all Mitered cabinet door styles.

5-Piece Mitered Drawer Fronts
5-Piece Solid Wood Mitered Drawer Front (Style 10M*)
Drawer Front Face Routs
Drawer Front Face Rout (DFFR 100)

For projects requiring smaller sized Drawer fronts, a 5 piece construction may not be feasible. WalzCraft does offer a great alternative in the form of Drawer Front Face Routing on a slab (34SQA) Drawer Front. This option is available with most of WalzCraft’s Outside Edge options and creates the appearance of a 5 piece Drawer Front using a 1 piece (slab). A CNC router profiles any of our single or multiple bead designs into the Drawer Front, allowing you to replicate the look of a rich design without the need of Applied Molding or Mitered profiling. Exact and close matches to multiple popular Mitered Stile & Rail profiles are available with this Drawer Front style.

French Mitered Drawer Fronts

French Mitered Drawer Front construction allows you to create the ‘look’ of a Traditional Applied Molding Drawer Front without the need to apply any molding to the door. These Drawer Fronts are not only a cost-effective alternative, as French Mitered Drawer Fronts also offer more structural integrity than Applied Molding Drawer Fronts because the molding detail is an integral part of the Stile & Rail profile.

5-Piece French Mitered Drawer Fronts
5-Piece Solid Wood French Mitered Drawer Front (Style 10FM*)

French Mitered Drawer fronts utilizing a solid Center Panel can be ordered as Style 10FM*, while those ordered with a 1/4″ flat Center Panel should be ordered as the Style 40FM*. These Drawer Fronts can be ordered with any of WalzCraft’s 600 Series Mitered Stile & Rail profiles marked with an “FM” compatibility symbol. As with all 600 Series Mitered Stile & Rail profiles, French Miter construction allows for flexibility of the Stile & Rail width to suit special size and style requirements for your project.

Hand Pull Routs

Hand Pull Rout Options
Hand Pull Rout Options (HR500)

WalzCraft’s Hand Pull Rout options (HR400 & HR500) create a relief cut to allow for additional space behind your chosen Drawer Front hardware. This option allows for more hand clearance, ultimately helping your drawer to avoid more of the natural ‘wear and tear’ that can occur over time from utensils and jewelry, while also increasing the compatibility for many hardware styles.

Dovetail Drawer Fronts

Dovetail Drawer Front (Style 34DT)
Dovetail Drawer Front (Style 34DT*)

Our Dovetail Drawer Front Style 34DT* offers the classic look of an exposed end to a Dovetail Drawer Box. This look creates the illusion of an integral Drawer Front that is one with the Drawer Box. Dovetail sizes vary with the height of the Drawer Front and this style is only available with our completely squared (D7) Outside Edge profile. For a 1″ thick Dovetail Drawer Front, order as Style 100DT*.

Bread Board Style Drawer Fronts

Bread Board Drawer Front (Style 1026)
Bread Board Drawer Front (Style 1026*)

Bread Board Style Drawer Fronts (Style 1026*) offer a clean design of straight lines, creating a simple look that can easily complement an assortment of door styles. This Drawer Front style is offered standard with horizontal grain on the Center Panel and vertical grain on the Stiles. All Traditional Mortise & Tenon Stile & Rail profiles are available with this Drawer Front style.

Dovetail Drawer Fronts

Molded Drawer Fronts
Molded Drawer Fronts (DFM #1365)

Molded Drawer Front Styles are offered in a range of profile choices and can be ordered in your preference of solid wood species/grade. These Slab Style Molded Drawer Fronts are sold in 8′ lengths, or Precision Cut to Height (PCTH), Precision Cut to Length (PCTL), and Precision Cut to Size (PCTS). The Drawer Front Molding part number selected indicates your choice of Drawer Front profile and molding width. Thicknesses vary between 3/4″ and 1″, with multiple designs also offering an included ‘trimmable range’ for size adjustability and increased ease during install.

Drawer Front Scoop Options

Drawer Front Scoop Option (SC200)

WalzCraft’s Drawer Front Scoop Options (SC100 & SC200) are applied along the top edge of the Drawer Front. Both Scoop Options are available on our slab style drawer fronts in solid wood or 3D Laminate (RTF).

Curved/Radius Drawer Front Products

For your Curved Drawer Front needs, see additional information for Curved/Radius Products or please call our friendly Customer Support Team, available to assist you from 7 am – 4:30 pm every work day.

Finish Sanding

The WalzCraft standard is to finish / fladder sand all of its products to at least a 180 grit finish sand. Most WalzCraft doors are orbital sanded on both the front and back sides. All cross grain scratches are removed from the face of each door. Each door is then fladder sanded / denibbed on the front and backsides to remove any raised grain and to lightly break any sharp edges. This results in minimal prep work upon delivery for in house finishing.

All Finish Sanding is included at no additional charge.

Flexible Stile & Rail Width

Traditional construction also allows the added benefit of customizing Stile & Rail widths beyond the 2 ¼” standard, to allow for a higher end look without the added cost. Reducing Stile & Rail widths on Traditional, Old World, Mitered, and MDF/RTF doors give you the ability to order doors smaller than the printed minimum size.

The following Stile & Rail part sizes for Traditional, Old World, Adventure Series (ASTP), and MDF/RTF products will not be subject to additional charges: 1½”, 1¾”, 2″, 2¼”, 2½”, 2¾”, 3″, 3¼”, 3½”, 3¾”, 4″, 4¼”, 4½”, 4¾”, 5″, 5¼”, 5½”, 5¾”, 6″, 7″, 8″, 9″, and 10″.


When placing an order with WalzCraft, you have the option to run the product through the manufacturing process under our (SL) Standard Lead Time Schedule or our (EX) Expedited Schedule.

If WalzCraft makes a mistake on your order we will expedite those items, by producing them on our Expedited Order Schedule. Replacement items are then shipped out to you, via the shipping method originally elected for the order, at no additional charge.

Design Fexibility

Traditional Stile & Rail, Center Panel, and Outside Edge options can be interchanged at no additional cost, with a door style number designated for each door style.

Traditional door styles are available in many standard and exotic wood species and are priced by door style and species chosen.


WalzCraft’s Traditional Mortise & Tenon Doors are professionally crafted using a ‘pinless’ construction method, providing a more organic look and eliminating the use of pins in door joints – ultimately providing the highest level of cabinet door available.

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Consistent Sizing

WalzCraft warrants the outside dimensions of all products to be within a size tolerance of +/- 1mm. All component parts of an assembled product will have a size tolerance of +/- 2mm.


If you are interested in seeing a particular door style, wood species, grade or finish color, we suggest ordering a sample that can be taken to your job site. Discounts may be granted on single samples and displays for showrooms. We reserve the right to limit sample and display orders based on your annual purchases.

Customer Service

Our friendly Customer Support Team is available to answer any questions you may have from 7:00 am – 4:30 pm every work day.