Solid Wood Slab & Batten Doors

Solid Wood Slab & Batten Cabinet Doors

Solid Wood Slab & Batten Doors

Solid Wood Slab & Batten Contemporary Door Styles

Solid Wood Contemporary Cabinet Doors characterize an innovative Contemporary Style of design with a focus on sleek, clean lines. These cabinet door style variations confirm the belief that simplicity & clarity create an attractive design! With a focus on a fundamental shape made of straight lines, these cabinet doors add a simple & fresh feel to any room and are often a sophisticated addition to any office or store, apartment, or home in both residential & commercial settings.

Solid Wood Contemporary Door Styles are admired for their ability to blend well with today’s popular interior design elements such as:

  • Stainless appliances
  • A wide range of countertop materials & designs
  • An assortment of textured fabrics on furniture, window treatments, pillows & rugs
  • High-gloss, matte, wood & metal framed artwork
  • Accents of Gothic & Roman designs & architecture

Product Education

Contemporary Solid Wood Cabinet Doors (S105 Ledbetter)
Pictured: S105 Ledbetter

WalzCraft offers various Slab & Batten door styles that each maintain a clean Contemporary look.

The S105 Ledbetter Signature Series design is a ¾” thick Contemporary Solid Wood Slab & Batten Door style that demonstrates WalzCraft’s fine craftsmanship (order Style 1270 for a door, Style 1270* for drawer front). A panel of solid wood staves is created from hand-selected wood for a consistent color & grain match. Our made-to-order process allows you to choose an Outside Edge profile and grain direction, with our S105 Ledbetter demonstrating horizontal grain direction on the drawer front and opposing vertical grain on the cabinet door. A D40 Outside Edge profile creates a smooth round-off at the outside of the product, offering a slightly softer look than a square edge.

The S119 Hurst & S477 Modena Signature Series designs also include a Solid Wood Slab & Batten foundation alternatively with a squared outside edge and assorted Finger Pull Rout Options.

See our catalog specifications for more information on Finger Pull & Other Functional Enhancement options.

For Solid Wood Contemporary Slab & Batten Raised Panel Door & Drawer Front Looks, see the S468 Madrid Signature Series design or call our Customer Support Team for additional information and profile compatibility.

Pictured: S477 Modena
Pictured: S468 Madrid

Battens are attached to the back side of doors with screws, not glue. This allows for the natural expansion & contraction that can occur in solid wood products with seasonal changes in moisture levels. For projects requiring loose battens, WalzCraft will ship battens unattached to doors; however, requesting such naturally voids any warranty against warpage.

Battens for Solid Wood Slab Cabinet Doors

Standard batten placement is determined by WalzCraft and is dependent on the size of each door. For projects requiring custom batten placement due to conflicts with hardware, we ask that you please contact our Customer Support Team and keep in mind that additional design charges may apply.

Create a seamless look throughout your cabinet by using our Continuous Grain Option to blend the wood grain of a sequence of cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

Outside Edge Profiles

WalzCraft offers 160+ Outside Edge profile options for “Traditional” Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts.

Standard Outside Edge Profiles

WalzCraft Standard Outside Edge Options

Applied Molding Outside Edge Profiles

Applied Molding Outside Edge Profile Options

New Solid Wood Slab & Batten Signature Series Designs