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WalzCraft’s Custom Stain & SolidTone® (Paints)

WalzCraft Custom Color Matching Program Overview

WalzCraft’s Custom Color Finishing Program Highlights: Custom Matching Options Available For:
  • More than ten years of custom color matching and finishing experience.
  • Versatile approach to combining application techniques and the use of an inter-mix blending system which allows us to create colors quickly and easily.
  • Rapid turn-around time on most custom color matches.
  • Cost effective alternative to replacing complete kitchens in disaster restoration projects.
  • No minimum order size required.
  • Additional opportunities for new business that might not have been considered in the past.
  • Stains
  • Paints
  • Glazes
  • Rub Through & Distressing

Light Source

The installation site is the final viewing area for your cabinet components and the light source of that environment will have an impact on how our color matches your existing products. When submitting a color match, please provide the lighting source at the installation site from the following list:

  • Cool White Fluorescent
  • Warm White Fluorescent
  • Daylight
  • Incandescent
  • Ultraviolet

Our Developing Team utilizes a light box that is equipped with these light sources, to view the color match according to the original information provided, prior to sending you a sample for approval.

When to Consider a Custom Color:

  • When the Home Owner absolutely has to have a specific color.
  • When you need to match a color to existing pieces in the home.
  • When adding to existing cabinetry or components.
  • Disaster restoration from fire or water damage.
  • Home repairs.

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