Wire Mesh Grille Inserts

Wire Mesh Grilles

Wire Mesh Grille Inserts have become a popular choice of accent door style in both the residential & commercial cabinetry & furniture fields because of their distinguishing look and variety of customizable features.


Use to create a beautiful change of texture & break up a continuous cabinetry arrangement.

  • Kitchen & library cabinetry
  • Custom china hutches
  • Armoires
  • Pantry doors
  • Bookcases
  • Entertainment centers
  • Other custom built-in pieces


Use to create an impressive & professional one-of a-kind feeling in an office setting.

  • Front desk/reception & waiting room spaces
  • Desks
  • Bookcases
  • Cabinets
  • End tables
  • Other furniture designs

Additional Benefits of Wire Mesh Grill Inserts

S906 Frame Only Door with #315 Wire Mesh in Antique Brass

Wire Mesh Grill Inserts offer not only a visually pleasing accent to many furniture & cabinetry designs but they also offer an additional functional purpose by allowing airflow to and from the mesh area where there may be a need for breathability.

The breathability of Wire Mesh is often practical for entertainment centers and custom built-in creations, where any range of electronic equipment may require airflow when recessed onto a shelf, to avoid overheating during use. For additional accent, one may choose to place any choice of fabric behind the mesh insert to further add character to any creation and still allow airflow through the framed opening, while not allowing full visual access to what may be stored behind a door.

Wire Mesh Grille Insert Availability

Wire Mesh Grilles can be ordered with any of our Frame only Door Styles with square or rectangular openings, as well as our Mullion Doors with standard lites. When ordering Wire Mesh Lattice with a door, WalzCraft will calculate the mesh sized based on your door specifications.

Note: WalzCraft does not calculate wire mesh size for frame & mullion doors with true divided lites or frame only doors with shaped stiles or rails. For these styles we recommend waiting until you receive your door, then take it to your local wire mesh supplier to have your wire mesh cut to fit each opening.

Wire Mesh is also available Cut to Size (Customer Specified) and by the full sheet.

Sheet Sizes Available

  • 36″ x 48″
  • 36″ x 24″
  • 18″ x 48″

Wire Mesh Grille Patterns

WalzCraft offers two diamond Patterns for wire mesh grilles.

  • Pattern #315 – 1/16″ Round Inter Crimped Wire with 3/4″ Wire to Wire Spacing
  • Pattern #332 – 5/64″ Round Press Crimped Wire with 3/4″ Wire to Wire Spacing
Wire Mesh Pattern - 315 Wrought Iron
Wire Mesh Pattern - #315 Wrought Iron
Wire Mesh Pattern - 332 Antique Brass
Wire Mesh Pattern - #332 Antique Brass

Wire Mesh Grille Finishes

Wire Mesh Grilles are electroplated in one of three finishes; Antique Brass, Wrought Iron (Flat Black), & Stainless “Look”.

Wire Mesh Lattice Finish Options

Wire Mesh is made of cold-rolled steel, and therefore they will be subject to eventual oxidation/rust if exposed to the elements.

Note: Wire mesh grilles are recommended for indoor use/applications only.

Retainer for Installation

Please note that WalzCraft’s rubber retainer is compatible for affixing Wire Mesh Grille Inserts into any frame style door. Rubber retainer not only requires less time for installation, but also maintains a professional appearance from the backside of a door.