Face Frames

Whether you are trying to avoid a fast approaching project deadline or simply looking to lessen the amount of work required in your own shop or on site, WalzCraft is happy to supply you with the Face Frames and fillers you may require to complete your cabinetry project.

Our Face Frame products include Assembled and Ready To Assemble (RTA) Configurations, along with any S4S stock materials you may require to utilize as fillers, Countertop Moldings, Base & Casing Molding, or to assemble your own Face Frame designs.

Give WalzCraft a try for your next cabinetry project and consider outsourcing your Face Frames in addition to other project components. Our Prefinished Face Frame products will be Stained & Sealed alongside your Cabinet Doors, Drawer Fronts, Moldings and other components, and delivered to you conveniently in one shipment. Ready, set, install!

Face Frames Assembled and Ready to AssembleFace Frames with Inset Cabinet DoorsFace Frame ConfigurationsLineal Face Frame StockFace Frame Joinery OptionsAdditional Face Frame Options

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Assembled or Ready to Assemble (RTA) Face Frames

Custom Made to Order Face Frames

All of WalzCraft’s Face Frame products are completely made to order from the wood species and part sizes to the profiles and configurations. Assembled Face Frames are precision bored, with joints being glued and screwed together to ensure a stable product. Pocket screw joinery is WalzCraft’s preferred method and first choice for assembly, unless otherwise specified. Biscuit joinery or Domino Tenon joinery may be used at all joints in lieu of Pocket Screws, but must be specified when the order is placed. After assembly, Assembled Frames are sanded to a 220 grit and fladder sanded to a 180 grit.

Pocket Screw Joinery Method on Face Frames

*Please note that Assembled Face Frames will have a size tolerance of +/- 1mm  on the overall sizes and +/- 1mm within each opening.

*Assembled Face Frames are only grain and color matched on the faces. All natural wood characteristics are acceptable on the inside edges. Standard Stile & Rail dimensions for Face Frames is 1 1/2″

Ready To Assemble (RTA) Face Frames are also bored and are alternatively shipped with screws specifically designed for use on the backside of Face Frames to conjoin the parts. WalzCraft labels each joint and also provides an assembly drawing for all RTA Face Frames. In some cases, RTA Face Frames may provide a considerable savings in packaging and shipping costs in comparison to Assembled Face Frame products.

All Prefinished Face Frame products will be Stained & Sealed on two sides and all edges, and topcoated on the face and all edges.

Dado or Rabbet Grooves on Face Frames

When ordering, it is very important to provide all of the dimensions for your Face Frame Configurations, including each part size, opening sizes, and overall width & height. Please provide WalzCraft with a completed Face Frame Order Form or your custom drawing, to clearly denote each dimension.

Dado and Rabbet Grooves are also available for all Face Frame products to simplify your cabinetry building and installation process. Simply specify the groove width and depth dimensions, as well as the placement from each Outside Edge of the Face Frame. Learn more about Dado & Rabbet Groove options also known as WalzCraft’s Miscellaneous Joinery Options.

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S543 Integrity Door with Inset Face Frame (FS100)S540 Mitered Door with Beaded Outside Edge Profile - Inset Face Frame (FS100)(S541) Raised Panel Door with Beaded (FS101 & FS102) Inset Face Frames(S485) Raised Panel Door with Large Beaded (FS103 & FS104) Inset Face Frames

Face Frames with Inset Doors & Drawer Fronts

For all of your Inset Cabinetry applications, WalzCraft is happy to offer both Assembled and Ready to Assemble (RTA) Face Frames where your Inset Doors and Drawer Fronts are precision sized to fit all Face Frame openings. It is recommended to provide clearly marked sizes for all Face Frame part sizes along with overall width and height dimensions in the form of a drawing. On your drawing, please also indicate which openings are to receive a prefit door or drawer front.

WalzCraft welcomes orders in either millimeters or inches and asks that you note the gap desired between the Face Frame and your doors, the Face Frame and drawer fronts, and also between any two doors that will cover one opening.

Available Gap Options Include:

  • 1.5mm
  • 2.0mm
  • 2.5mm
  • 3.0mm

Our Face Frames are completely built to your specifications, with each opening measured with calipers. Our skilled Craftsmen will subtract your specified gap from calipered dimensions and trim doors and drawer fronts to match the sizes calculated from above.

In a Prefit Cabinetry application, WalzCraft understands there is little room for sizing errors and offers four Outside Edge options that are designed to allow your prefit doors and drawer fronts adequate clearance from the Face Frame when opening and closing.

Recommended Outside Edges for Prefit Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts (Using an Outside Edge profile with a slight back bevel on Prefit Doors and Drawer Fronts will allow for adequate Face Frame clearance when opening.): Outside Edge Profiles for Inset Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts

  • D57 (Squared Edge with 2° Back Bevel)
  • D130 (1/16″ Radiused/Broken Edge with 7° Back Bevel)
  • D162 (1/16″ Radiused/Broken Edge with 5°  Back Bevel)
  • D163 (Squared Edge with 5° Back Bevel)

Please contact our Customer Support Team for more information about Precision Sized to Fit Doors and Drawer Fronts for Assembled or RTA Face Frames. Learn more about WalzCraft’s Assembled and RTA Face Frames with Inset Doors and Drawer Fronts by visiting our online catalog specifications.

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Integral Beaded Face Frames with Haunched Joints and Dado GroovesIntegral Beaded Face Frames with Haunched Joints & Dado Grooves

WalzCraft offers Integral Beaded Face Frames with Haunched Joints and Dado Grooves for Face Frame designs incorporating a beaded detail around each opening. This design style allows you to integrate our FS101 or FS103 bead detail onto your Face Frame without the need for an Applied Molding.

Integral Beaded Face Frames are constructed with Haunched Joints. When viewed from the front side of the Face Frame, a Haunched Joint results in a Mitered Joint at the beaded portion of the frame.

When ordering, please factor the size of the bead into your overall Face Frame dimensions. For applications that do not require a beaded look in every opening, WalzCraft does also offer a Beaded Applied Molding that can be substituted for the entire Face Frame.

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Face Frame Configurations for Base, Upper and Tall

Face Frame Configurations

Standard Upper, Lower & Tall Face Frame Configurations

WalzCraft offers many typical Face Frame Configurations as a standard, with each arrangement having an assigned FF number. Configurations range from a single opening (FF100) to those with multiple openings arranged in various ways. Some Face Frame Configurations include openings for doors only while other include openings for drawers or a mix of both.

View all Face Frame Configurations

Please visit our online catalog specifications to see all of WalzCraft’s standard Face Frame configurations for Base, Upper, and Tall Cabinet designs.

When ordering, please specify the Face Frame part number and the frame part sizes and opening dimensions between each part, along with the overall width and height dimensions required. As a standard, Face Frame Part sizes are 1 1/2″ wide, unless otherwise requested. All Assembled Face Frames will have a tolerance of +/- 1mm on the overall sizes and +/- 1mm within each opening.

Assembled Face Frames are only grain and color matched on the faces. All natural wood characteristics are acceptable on the inside edges. Face Frames are Stained & Sealed on two sides and all edges, and Top Coated on the face and all edges.

Please submit your Face Frame Configuration drawings to our Customer Support Team to obtain a price quote or request a custom configuration. Visit our Online Catalog to view learn more about Face Frame Configurations specifications and options.

90° “Inside” & “Outside” Corner Face Frames (Lazy Susan)

Corner Face Frames (Lazy Susan)

90° Inside and Outside Corner Face Frame Configurations are often applied in transitional areas of cabinetry such as corner cabinets (Lazy Susan applications). WalzCraft offers door only and door & drawer front face frame components for Inside and Outside Corner Configurations.

Components for Inside and Outside Corner Configurations must be ordered as separate left (FF111 or FF113) and separate right (FF112 or FF114) units. The rails utilize a standard butt joint where they meet at the inside corner, unless otherwise specified.

Hoffman Dovetail Joinery Method for Corner Face Frames

 Customers may specify one of WalzCraft’s optional Joint Assembly Methods. If you are ordering a left and a right component with the optional 45° Inside (MJ4) or Outside (MJ3) corner miter joint, WalzCraft recommends using the Hoffman Dovetail Joining Method (JAM1) for assembly.

Inside & Outside Corner Face Frames are shipped partially assembled as left and right units, with the exception of Outside Corner Face Frames prefinished by WalzCraft with a SolidTone color. This frame style & finish combination is assembled first, then painted to help prevent any visible seams that may occur at the joints.

Learn more about Inside & Outside Corner Face Frame Configurations here.

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Additional Face Frame Options

Beaded Applied Molding Options

As an additional feature for your Face Frame projects, WalzCraft offers Beaded Applied Molding Options.

Our Inset Beaded Applied Moldings are offered in various widths for both 3/4″ & 1″ thick Face Frames and sit flush with the face of the Stile & Rail parts.


Additional Beaded Moldings are also available for application to the Inside Edge of the Face Frame. The beaded portion of the molding overlaps the face of the Stile & Rail parts and provides a raised beaded look on the Face Frame.

When ordering, please order your Face Frames with the bead factored into the overall width dimensions of your Face Frame parts.

Please visit our online catalog specifications for Beaded Applied Molding Options for Face Frames and to learn more about minimum width dimensions for Assembled & RTA Face Frames using Beaded Applied Moldings.

Square & Tapered Foot Options

To give your Face Frame Configuration a bit of a furniture feel, WalzCraft offers Square & Tapered Foot Options.

Face Frame Foot Options

When ordering please specify:

  • Foot Pattern: SFO100, TFO100 or TFO200
  • Length of the Foot (3 1/2″ or 4″ are typical)
  • Taper Start Point (from bottom of the Face Frame) for TFO100 & TFO200 Only
  • Taper Width (remaining flat dimension will vary with stile width) for TFO100 & TFO200 Only

When applying a Foot Option to a Face Frame, please make sure to order the Face Frame at the height including the Foot Length.

Learn more about Foot Options for Face Frames here.

Toe Kick Valances


Toe Kick Valances are a popular way to dress up any Base Cabinet Face Frame Configuration. Toe Kick Valances are made of a one-piece solid wood or MDF construction and are available in various styles to compliment many of WalzCraft’s door styles.


Learn more about WalzCraft’s Toe Kick Valance Options here and try this option with your next Face Frame project.

Visit our Online Catalog Specifications for Toe Kick Valances here.

Cabinet Feet

To create a polished look for your cabinetry design, WalzCraft offers Cabinet Feet components in various styles, shapes and sizes. Cabinet Feet are a great way to raise your Face Frame off the floor and create a furniture look that can appeal to any decor style.

Cabinet Feet

Learn more about Cabinet Feet here or contact our Customer Support Team for additional information.

Visit our Online Catalog Specifications for Cabinet Feet here.