3D Laminate / Rigid Thermofoil (RTF) Cabinet Doors

3D Laminate / Rigid Thermofoil (RTF) Cabinet Doors

3D Laminate Doors

3D Laminate / RTF Cabinet Doors

3D Laminate Cabinet Doors, also known as RTF Door or Thermofoil Cabinet Doors consist of a routed one-piece MDF door with a vinyl film applied using heat and pressure. The 3D nature of this product comes from the ability of the vinyl film to form to the contours of the face and sides of the door or drawer front. WalzCraft offers a wide assortment of 3D Laminate (RTF thermofoil) colors and patterns for the face and edges, and the choice of Almond or White thermofused melamine or matching 3D Laminate / RTF for the back side of the door. An alternative type of Cabinet Door that features a 3D Laminate surface is our Decorative Laminate Veneers Doors, or DLV Doors.

This type of cabinet door/drawer front is often used in apartment refacing projects as well as offices, bathrooms and laundry room cabinetry for new construction. RTF products are also utilized in retail settings and on trade show displays due to the durability of the product.

Beyond cabinet doors, RTF is available with knick-knack shelves, moldings, fluted columns, and valances. RTF sheet stock is also available in ¼” and ½” cut to size panels, loose sheets, a 3M pressure sensitive adhesive backing, or with a phenolic backing for any refacing needs and other custom applications.

Product Education

3D Laminate (RTF) Thermofoil Cabinet Door Styles

Door styles available include Slab, Raised Panel, and Flat Panel in both square & arched frame styles, along with Mullion & Frame only looks.

MDF 1-Piece Doors & Drawer Fronts are constructed of premium, ¾” [19.1mm] or 1″ [25.4mm] thick 48# MDF that is precision routed in the Door or Drawer Front Style and Profiles shown in our specifications catalog.

To Order MDF Doors or Drawer Fronts –
1) Select one of the available Door Styles or Drawer Front Styles.
2) Select one of the available Stile & Rail / Panel Profile combinations
3) Select an Outside Edge Profile


Seamless, one-piece construction with grain pattern running all in the same direction.

Dimensional Stability

Premium MDF core means less expansion and contraction and doors stay flatter than wood doors.

Color Consistency

Color consistency and fade resistance similar to melamine. Better color stability over time than solid wood doors.


All components meet Carb2 standards for an environmentally friendly product.

Bacteria Resistance

No built-in anti-microbial properties.

Easy Care

Clean with a non-abrasive detergent and a damp sponge or cloth.

Heat Resistance

Moderate heat resistance. Care should be taken when placed next to a high heat source such as an oven, especially during the self-cleaning cycle. Additional protection from the heat can be achieved with the use of an appliance heat shield between the 3D laminate product and the appliance. Please consult your appliance dealer.

Scratch Resistance

3D Laminates have good scratch resistance.

Popular 3D Laminate (RTF) Signature Series Designs