3D Laminate / RTF Sheet Stock

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3D Laminate / RTF Sheet Stock is a great product to order in conjunction with 3D Laminate Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts. WalzCraft offers a selection of various foil backings and sheet sizes to help you save on cost and avoid waste when creating your own 3D Laminate products, such as cabinet fillers, end panels, shelving, etc.

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3D Laminate / RTF Sheet Stock Availability

3D Laminate stock is available in both 4′ W x 8′ H and 2′ W x 8′ H sheet sizes. Backing options include loose foil only, loose foil with a 3M PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) backing, or with a Phenolic Backing.

In addition, WalzCraft can create 1/4″ and 1/2″ thick 3D Laminate Panels using raw MDF panels. These panels are laminated on two sides with the foil of your choice, to avoid warping. Panels can be ordered cut to size, with a maximum size limitation of 40″ W x 90″ H.

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