Interior Cabinet Storage

Interior Cabinet Storage

WalzCraft offers a large variety of completely custom, high-quality Interior Cabinet Storage products to outfit any unique kitchen or furniture creation. Whether for new construction, a remodel, or even a cabinet refacing job, WalzCraft has all the custom enhancements and details that homeowners desire in their homes.

Our Interior Storage components will help you keep your belongings in order while maintaining a stylish look. Please contact our Customer Support Team to place a quote for your project today.

Appliance Garage Kits & Components

Appliance Garage Kits

Appliance Garage - Corner Unit

Appliance Garage Kits are sold as a complete kit by WalzCraft in either a Straight Unit or Corner Unit. Our tambour door is solid wood in either Alder, Cherry, Hickory, Hard Maple, or  Red Oak, with the end panel and side panel material made up of 3/8″ ply with an MDF core and a plain sliced veneer face.

Straight Unit: (Order Model #AGS)

    • Fixed size: 24″W x 11 3/4″D x 18 1/2″H

Corner Unit: (Order Model #AGC)

    • Fixed size: 17″W x 11 1/2″D x 18 1/2″H
    • Intended for a standard 24″ Corner

Our Appliance Garage Kits can be ordered Unfinished or Prefinished by WalzCraft, with various Glazing options and all Simulated Distressing Options available. Please note that individual component parts cannot be purchased for Appliance Garage Kits. These Kits are shipped Ready to Assemble (RTA) with assembly instructions included.

Tambour Door & Track System Only

For all your custom cabinetry projects, WalzCraft also offers a Tambour Door & Track System Only for both Face Frame and Frameless Cabinetry styles. Available species include Cherry, Hickory, Hard Maple, and Red Oak.

Door Style Options:

  • SW-30 (3/4″ wide Solid Wood slats)
  • V-3 (1/2″ wide Wood Veneer slats)
Tambour Door & Track System

Our Tambour Door has a hand pull and comes with a spring tension Tambour Track System, all packaged together in one carton for convenient shipment. WalzCraft recommends building the cabinet that will house the unit after receiving the Tambour Door & Track System to ease the installation process (installation instructions included).

When Ordering, Please Specify:

  • Face Frame or Frameless Style
  • Door Width (Slat Length)
  • Wood Species & Grade
  • Door Style (see catalog specifications for Item#)

All Tambour Door & Track Systems are easily trimmable and are available Unfinished or Prefinished By WalzCraft. Various Glazing options are also available, along with all Simulated Distressing Options (Door Style SW-30 only).

Appliance Panels

Custom Appliance Panels are available and completely made to order for any type of appliance from refrigerators to dishwashers and wine coolers. WalzCraft has created various Outside Edge Profiles to suit the specific requirements of many Appliance Panel installation requirements and our team is more than happy to quote special requests outside of our current Appliance Panel designs. Nearly any door style can be constructed as an Appliance Panel in any of WalzCraft’s standard wood species.

Refrigerator Appliance Panels

Please refer to the appliance owner’s manual to obtain exact size and profile requirements for your order.

Wine Racks

Wine Rack Lattice

Wine Rack Lattice is available in all of WalzCraft’s standard wood species and can be ordered in custom sizes up to 96″ in width and height. Assembled Wine Rack Lattice openings measure 4″ x 4″ and must be ordered in two lattice sections (one front and one back) in order to properly store bottles. Installation is accomplished by pin-nailing into place or by using wood blocks.

When Ordering Assembled Wine Rack Lattice, Please Specify:

Installed Wine Rack Lattice
Wine Rack Lattice #1087 Installed
Assembled Wine Rack With Frame - Part #1736
Framed Wine Rack Lattice #1736

Wine Rack Lattice Moldings are also available in 8′ lengths for you to create any notching patterns.

Wine Rack Shelves

WalzCraft also offers custom Wine Rack Shelves in any standard wood species. Widths can be specified anywhere between 5 1/2″ to 96″ with heights are available between 2″ and 6″.

Wine Rack Shelf - Part #WR200 - 3D Model
WR200 Wine Rack

A front and back piece must be ordered and manufactured as a pair, with bottle openings spaced 4 1/4″, center to center. The number of openings per shelf is determined by the specified width. Once assembled, bottles tilt slightly forward when placed in the shelves.

All of WalzCraft’s Wine Rack Lattice, Shelves, and Moldings are available Unfinished or Prefinished.

Plate Displays & Rail Moldings

Plate Displays

Plate Displays are available in all of WalzCraft’s standard wood species and are built to your exact size requirements. Our Assembled Plate Displays (Order Part #1111) have a front and back section, which must be ordered as a set to properly function for dish storage of any size plate.

Plate Display for Cabinets
Installed #1111 Plate Display
Plate Display Assembly Model
Assembled #1111 Plate Display

Spindles use (Molding #985) and are spaced at 2″ on center and placed into our Plate Display Molding (Molding #980) at the top and bottom. These moldings are also available in 8′ lengths allowing you to customize your plate display by cutting your pieces to size.

All of WalzCraft’s Plate Display & Plate Rail Moldings can be ordered Unfinished or Prefinished by WalzCraft.

Plate Display Moldings

Plate Rail Moldings are sold in 8′ lengths as either the single spindle or as an assembled piece with spindles being spaced at 4″ intervals along a rail having a groove for a plate or other item to be displayed.

  • Molding #141 (spindle only)
  • Molding #142 (spindle & rail display shipped Assembled)
Plate Rail Molding
Assembled Plate Rail Spindle & Molding #124

When ordering, please specify your choice of available wood species:

  • Birch
  • Cherry
  • Hard Maple
  • Red Oak

Please contact our Customer Support Team for pricing information.

Stemware Molding

Stemware Molding is a great way to store your glassware stylishly. WalzCraft offers our T-shaped Molding #388, which has a profile grooved on two sides and can be paired up with Molding #1774 to install anywhere from a kitchen to a bar. Stemware Molding is sold in 8′ lengths in all of WalzCraft’s standard wood species and can be ordered Unfinished or Prefinished by WalzCraft. For additional information or special requests, please contact our Customer Support Team.

Stemware Molding for Wine Glasses

Spice Drawer & Spice Rack Molding

Tiered Spice Drawer Molding

Tiered Spice Drawer Moldings are sold in 3″, 4″, and 5″ heights and can be trimmed to the width of your project’s drawer box sizes.

A small integrated lip helps to tier the moldings inside of your drawer for a tight fit that not only helps to keep your drawer contents organized but also easy to see and access.

Spice Rack Moldings

Spice Rack Moldings are most commonly used to construct spice racks inside of a cabinet door. These same moldings have also been known to construct church pew book holders or other small shelving units. There are two molding profiles available (Molding #919 & Molding #920).

919-app Spice Tray (Rack) Molding

WalzCraft’s 3/16″ Refacing Stock works well with these moldings to create the bottoms and fronts for this type of storage shelf / rack.