Assembled (With Frame) Wine Rack Lattice


Assembled Wine Rack Lattice is available with or without a frame in all of WalzCraft’s standard wood specie options. Lattice with a frame (Order Part #1736), is cut and assembled from Molding #893, and framed with Molding #2279. Molding #893 & #2279 can also be purchased separately in 8′ lengths, allowing you to customize your own notching patterns.

Wine Racks With a Frame can be ordered and assembled in your exact size requirements between the minimum size of 10 7/16″ W x 10 7/16″ H, up to a maximum size of 96″ W x 96″ H. To order, a quantity of two Wine Lattice Sections (one front and one back) must be ordered in order to properly store bottles as shown.

Each opening in our Assembled Wine Rack Lattice measures 4″ W x 4″ H, which may be modified by +/- 1/4″ to maintain the integrity of the Assembled Lattice depending on your size requirements.

Wine Rack Online Catalog Options and Specifications

Wine Rack Lattice Specifications

as shown
  • Style/Part #: Assembled
    (With Frame)


Attach to cabinets by pin-nailing into place, or by using wood blocks.


To request a price quote for Prefinished Assembled Wine Rack Lattice, please contact our Customer Support Team here today.

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