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Cabinet Doors

Our many varieties of custom Cabinet Doors include the traditional 5-Piece Mortise & Tenon (Cope & Stick) Cabinet Doors, Mitered Cabinet Doors, French Mitered Cabinet Doors, Contemporary Veneer Slab Cabinet Doors, and many more. WalzCraft has no minimum order quantity. If you need just one custom cabinet door, we’ll take your order and manufacture it to your specified size (+-1mm). Cabinet door sizes are accepted in inches in 1/32” increments or Millimeters in 1 mm increments.

While the Shaker cabinet door might be today’s trend, many designers and homeowners need something beyond the basics. Something that matches an old-world look or something progressive that is going to advance kitchen design trends. With WalzCraft’s “True Design Flexibility” not only is that possible, but it’s also the standard. With over 80 Stile & Rail Profiles, 110+ Center Panel Profiles, and 200+ Outside Edge profiles to mix and match you can create over a million different cabinet door designs. Take your design further by using an Applied Molding design or one of our other cabinet door Design Enhancement options.

While the design is the visual focus of a kitchen, we cannot overlook the importance of function and organized storage. To assist you in designing a kitchen that meets the needs of a homeowner’s daily use WalzCraft offers Functional Enhancements for cabinet doors that include cabinet door hinges, hinge boring, lazy susan doors, and more. Read More >



French Mitered Cabinet Doors


Applied Molding Cabinet Doors


Old World Doors


Adventure Series Doors


Decorative Laminate Veneer Cabinet Doors


3D Laminate / Rigid Thermofoil (RTF) Cabinet Doors


MDF 1 & 5 Piece Doors

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Wood Species

WalzCraft utilizes the finest Northern Grown Hardwoods and many other quality wood species, offering over 110 Wood Species/Grade combinations (Value of Good Grade). Wood Species and Material (Veneers & MDF) options may vary between cabinet door and drawer front types; visit the individual Product Education page for each cabinet door type to learn more. To view images depicting examples and characteristics for each Wood Species and Grade combination, visit our Wood Species & Materials page.

Finishing Options

All WalzCraft cabinet doors may be ordered Unfinished, Primed for Paint, Stained, Painted (SolidTones®), or with a Natural Clear Coat. For more information about our finishes, visit our Finishing Program Education page or browse individual wood stains and SolidTones® paint colors on our Wood Finishes page.

Design Categories

Are you looking for a cabinet door for a specific type of Kitchen Design category?  Check out our Cabinet Doors by Kitchen Cabinetry Design Collection filters.  Here you will find cabinet door designs for twenty-five different types of kitchen design themes, including shaker cabinet door designs for Shaker kitchens, Modern cabinet door designs for Contemporary Kitchens, Rustic door designs for Wilderness and Lake Cabin kitchen design, and more.

For more value-added aspects of WalzCraft cabinet doors, such as our “Pinless” Door Construction, visit our Why WalzCraft page.

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