Wainscot Valance in Traditional Kitchen


Cabinet Valances are a universal way to accessorize any cabinetry arrangement or unique furniture design. Valances are an accessory that can add a hint of detail, small or large, varying with style and choice of application. With kitchen cabinetry, for example, they often help to connect cabinets to the left and right above a sink. Other applications include furniture and custom built-ins as valances can serve as a tasteful way to accent the top of any bookshelf, hutch, entertainment center, or can also be used to trim out a window or custom range hood above a stove.

WalzCraft offers Upper Cabinet Valances in solid wood Slab and Wainscot styles, with a full range of design and profile choices to accompany any project genre from Contemporary to Traditional. In addition to our slab style Upper Cabinet Valances, we also offer many coordinating Toe Kick Valance styles.


Upper Cabinet Slab Style Valances


Upper Cabinet Wainscot Valance

Upper Cabinet (Slab) Style Valances

Solid Wood Valance
Solid Wood Valance over Sink

Slab style Upper Cabinet Valances are available in all of WalzCraft’s standard solid wood species in both 3/4″ and 1″ thicknesses. Designs include the common Roman Arch and other popular shapes that can all be integrated into a large range of cabinetry and furniture projects. Our Valances are all built to your specifications, allowing you to specify the size and Outside Edge Profile (D15 Outside Edge is considered Standard while the D7 is also available, with other Outside Edges available upon request).

Custom Valance Routing Options are also available, along with Accent Profiles, all allowing you to customize a standard Valance design in various ways. If you are looking to order an Upper Cabinet Valance in MDF/RTF, please check our catalog specifications or call our Customer Support Team for availability.

As always, WalzCraft’s Upper Cabinet Valances can be ordered raw (unfinished) or prefinished by WalzCraft in any Stain, Glaze, or SolidTone combination, along with RTF (MDF products only).

Wainscot (Floating Center Panel) Style Valances

Wainscot Style Valances differ from a slab style Valance as Wainscot Valances are made of frame pieces and floating center panels. Styles range from a single simple arch with a single center panel to various other configurations including multiple center panels, some with arched designs and an additional Keystone option. All Wainscot Valance styles are available with a choice of raised or flat center panels in all of WalzCraft’s standard wood species.

The Standard Outside Edge profile is a squared (D7). All Traditional Stile & Rail Profiles are available, with 2 1/4″ Stile & Rail dimensions being the standard. For other part sizes, please send a drawing or contact our Customer Support Team to obtain a quote. Grain direction can be specified for the center panels, while WalzCraft suggests horizontal grain on any valance over 35 5/8″ in width.

Wainscot Valance over Sink

Wainscot Valances styles having radii will be based on the specifications for the overall height of the Valance and height at the narrowest point of the Valance. All of WalzCraft’s prefinish options are available on Wainscot Valances. For variations of any standard Wainscot Valance style, please submit an inquiry with a drawing to our Customer Support Team to request a quote.