Mitered Cabinet Doors

Cherry Kitchen with Mitered Cabinet Doors

Mitered Cabinet Doors have long been admired for their elegant design, detailed profiles, and outstanding craftsmanship. They add beauty and class to kitchen cabinets, free-standing furniture, and custom built-ins. Mitered doors can also be used for picture and mirror frames, appliance panels, and a wide variety of other custom projects.

These doors are beautiful, but building them in a cabinet shop can be an expensive and tedious task. As a result, more cabinet shops are choosing to outsource their mitered doors. WalzCraft takes pride in offering Mitered doors with quality and options that are second to none.

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Mitered Door ConstructionMitered Stile & Rail ProfilesMitered Door Options & Resources

About Mitered Cabinet Door Construction

WalzCraft True-Blind Mitered Mortise & Tenon Joint

WalzCraft’s high quality standards are easily recognized in the construction of Mitered doors. Using a True-Blind Mortise & Tenon Joint offers strength while avoiding any exposed end-grain at the corners. Custom-designed, fully integrated male and female cuts ensure a strong, tight joint and maximize glue adhesion. Custom spacers hold a floating center panel in place, preventing the panel from feeling loose but still allowing expansion and contraction of the wood. These doors are clamped and held under pressure until the glue sets, avoiding the need for pins.

Door assemblers take care to ensure precise, smooth joints throughout the clamping process. This helps to ensure that all Mitered doors maintain a clean look and perfect joint alignment.

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Mitered Stile & Rail Profiles

Mitered Construction offers many additional profiles that cannot be achieved with a Traditional Mortise & Tenon Construction. WalzCraft offers hundreds of standard Mitered profiles. The profiles are conveniently categorized into families which allow a profile to be ordered in several different widths/looks. Some of the profiles are designed to accept an optional applied molding, adding another unique element to the design. See our MP744 Mitered Family Profiles for example. Other profiles, like the MP642, MP644 & MP645 families, are designed to simulate the look of inset doors.

With such an extensive selection of profiles, homeowners are sure to find a Mitered door to fit their taste. Our quality and craftsmanship will ensure that our doors exceed your expectations not only when they are installed, but also after years of use. Contact a WalzCraft Customer Support Specialist to discuss your Mitered door needs.

The Differences Between WalzCraft’s 700 & 600 Series Mitered Profiles

Mitered Stile & Rail Profiles

WalzCraft’s 700 Series Mitered Profile Designs utilize a fully molded profile to create the mitered frame. This process offers a fluid design and the entire profile is created in a single pass through the router. Many of these profiles (like the MP760-76 shown above) have an elliptical or contoured design that cannot be achieved with traditional mortise and tenon construction. WalzCraft also offers the 900 Series “Old World” Mitered Profiles that utilize the same construction method as the 700 series, but in a 1” thickness.

Due to the design of the 700 Series profiles, the Outside Edge detail is integrated into the profile, so it is not an option to change the outside edge profile. Also, Stile & Rail widths are only available in the sizes shown, where the Stiles & Rails of a door must be the same profile and width.

View our 700 Series Mitered Stile & Rail Profiles

View our 1″ Thick Old World 900 Series Mitered Stile & Rail Profiles

WalzCraft’s 600 Series Mitered Profile Designs have added flexibility that is not possible with the 700 Series profiles. First, you have the ability to choose from a large variety of standard Outside Edge Profiles, including WalzCraft’s ME500 Series Molder Outside Edges designed specifically for the MP600 Series profiles. A second added benefit of these profiles is the ability to customize the width of the Stiles & Rails, as long as all outside Stiles & Rails of a door are the same width.

**When different widths of Stiles & Rails are required on a single door, many of the MP600 Series Mitered Profiles can be used with a French Miter construction, complimenting the rest of the Mitered doors on the project.**

View our 600 Series Mitered Stile & Rail Profiles

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Related Options & Resources for Mitered Cabinet Doors

Mitered Door Styles Mitered Stile & Rail Profiles Mitered Outside Edge Options

Door or Drawer Front Style defines:

  • The type of Center Panel used in the door (Solid Wood or Veneered Flat Panel.)
  • How many panels the door will have.

View all of WalzCraft’s Raised and
Veneered Flat Panel Mitered Door and Drawer Styles.

WalzCraft offers many Mitered Stile & Rail Profiles, which you can learn more about in the section above.

View all 600 Series Mitered Stiles & Rail Profiles

View all 700 SeriesMitered Stile & Rail Profiles

View all 1″ Thick Old World 900 Series Mitered Stiles & Rail Profiles

For all 600 Series Mitered Stile & Rail Profiles, you have the option to use any of WalzCraft’s Standard Outside Edge or Molder Edge Profiles (ME).

Mitered Center Panel Profiles

Mitered Routed Drawer Fronts

Use our Mitered Door Compatibility Chart to learn which Applied Moldings, Hinge Boring Options, Mullion Lite Patterns and more are available for each Mitered Stile & Rail Profile.

Use our Outside Edge Profile Compatibility Chart to learn which profiles are available with specific Mitered Stile & Rail Profiles.

Our Mitered Profile Cross Reference Chart offers a reference for Old Mitered Profile Numbers versus our New Profile Numbers.

WalzCraft offers a variety of Center Panel Profile options and neatly categorizes them into families based on there design. View all Center Panel Profiles.

Drawer Front Face Routing can be ordered on solid wood slab drawer fronts (34SQA) to compliment the look of mitered doors. View our Drawer Front Face Rout Options.