Stile & Rail Face Routing (SRFR)

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Stile & Rail Face Routing (SRFR) is yet another way to enhance the look of any ordinary cabinet door style. This Design Enhancement is offered in various patterns that are routed directly onto the face of the stiles & rails of a door or drawer front, to add a subtle or bold touch of accent. Stile & Rail Face Routing Patterns create V-Groove, Beaded, Cove or other accents similar to Beadboard cabinet door styles & panels, with the main difference being that the routing is only applied to one edge of the stile & rail parts versus an entire panel.

Stile & Rail Face Routing Availability

Stile & Rail Face Routing can be ordered on various Traditional Mortise & Tenon Cabinet Door Styles, including those styles prepped for mullion (muntin) & glass inserts.  To see the list of those door styles available, please see our online catalog options & specifications above.

The maximum length for any Stile & Rail Face Routing pattern is 96″ and can only be used in conjunction with the SR100, with the exception of the SRFR500 pattern.

The Stile & Rail Face Routing Pattern will start and stop at different intervals from the stile & rail joints depending on the SRFR pattern chosen.

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