French Mitered Cabinet Doors

WalzCraft’s French Mitered Cabinet Door construction allows you to create the ‘look’ of an Applied Molding Traditional Mortise & Tenon door without the need to apply any molding to the door. The back side of the French Mitered door reveals this secret, which uses Mitered Stile & Rail profiles to create this unique look.

When ordering French Mitered Cabinet Doors or Drawer Fronts, use one of our 600 Series Mitered Stile & Rail Profiles that includes an “FM” symbol for French Mitered Compatibility in the profile drawing. To complete your design, choose any of our standard Outside Edge Profiles and Center Panel Profiles. WalzCraft ‘s French Miter construction is available with either flat or raised center panels for cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

French Mitered Cabinet Door Joint

French Mitered Signature Series Designs

An additional feature of WalzCraft French Mitered Cabinet Doors is the flexibility in Stile & Rail dimensions. Unlike mitered doors, which require all pieces of the frame to be the same width, a French Mitered door or drawer front can have different width Stile & Rail parts all in the same door. A common example of this is a drawer front with 2 1/4″ stiles and 1 1/2″ top and bottom rails.