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Distressing allows you to create a worn, antiqued look on new cabinet doors, drawer fronts and wood components. WalzCraft offers four different types of Distressing; Simulated Distressing, Renaissance Distressing, TexGrain (Wire Brush) Distressing and Rotary Mill Mark Distressing. Each of our Distressing methods offer a different “look” and the end product is always a one-of-a-kind creation with strong character.

Simulated Distressing

Simulated Distressing options can be chosen a la carte and placed randomly on the face of Solid Wood Slab, Raised Panel and Flat Panel doors & drawer fronts, and also on moldings. Limited Distressing options are also available with products including various Plywood Panel styles & MDF products.

When ordering, please specify each Simulated Distressing option desired (light and heavy patterns can be varied between options). Individual Distressing options include: Screw Impressions, Wear Marks, Nicks, Worm Holes, Cracks, Rasp Marks, Orbital Waves & Dents. To further compliment your unique creation, select a Glaze Finish to compliment the distressing details of your products.

Renaissance Distressing

Renaissance Distressing is a “Look” that gives a heavy aged or antique appearance to solid wood components. This packaged Distressing “Look” includes Orbital Waves, Rasp Marks, Worm Holes, Cracks, Dents & Nicks and is a much more pronounced distressed look than the individually selected options available with Simulated Distressing. This type of Distressing is placed on the face of the product and is achieved with tools such as an orbital sander, chisel, putty knife, razor, rasp, claw & hammer.

Renaissance Distressing is recommended with Alder, Butternut, Cherry , Pine, Quarter Sawn Red Oak or White Oak, Red Oak, Walnut & White Oak wood species. Glazing can be ordered in addition to Renaissance Distressing to further highlight and enhance each distressed detail of your products.

TexGrain (Wire Brush) Distressing

TexGrain (Wire Brush) Distressing is created by running a wire brush over the surface of Solid Wood or MDF. This technique removes some of the soft fibers creating a richly textured surface that you can both see and feel.

When applied to Solid Wood, TexGrain Distressing opens and enhances the wood grain leaving the remaining wood with a rustic or weathered look. This option is available on all grades and cuts of the following Wood Species: Alder, Cherry, Hickory, Pine, Poplar, Red Oak, White Oak and Walnut.

When applied to MDF, this distressing method results in more evenly distributed texture due to the uniform surface of the material.

Rotary Mill Mark Distressing

Rotary Mill Mark Distressing is a great way to add a barn wood “Look” and “Feel” to your custom Cabinet Doors, Drawer Fronts, Face Frames, Moldings and More.

This distressing method is applied prior to assembly to ensure no two pieces are the same, making the finished product truly one-of-a-kind.

Additional Information

*WalzCraft does recommend ordering sample products prior to placing your order to ensure that your choice of Distressing options is suitable for the project at hand.

Please contact our Customer Support Team to place your quote or order today for custom Distressing for Cabinet Doors and other components.

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