Radius Corners

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Outside Radius Corner Design Enhancements can be applied to the Outside Edge of Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts at the corners where Stiles & Rails come together. This type of Design Enhancement can be added for additional character to achieve a specific design goal or to aid with the normal wear and tear of future use, as broken edges and corners often aid in hiding natural knicks and other marks that occur with use.

Availability of Outside Radius Corners

Nearly all of WalzCraft’s Cabinet Door & Drawer Front styles are offered with optional Outside Radius Corners, whether of Traditional or Old World Mortise & Tenon, or MDF/RTF construction.

A limited number of Mitered door and drawer front profiles can also accept radius outside corners. Applied Molding Outside Edge Profiles are not available with this design enhancement.

Please see our catalog specifications for available radii options ranging from 1/8″ up to 1 1/2″.