Specialty Drawer Boxes

WalzCraft has an extensive line of Specialty Drawer Box solutions to suit your every custom need. Our Specialty Drawer Boxes are completely made to order and allow you to choose your design and level of customization. With the demands of the custom woodworking industry often requiring unique styles and individual project spaces often presenting obstacles, our Specialty Drawer Box solutions may just be the key to creating a one-of-a-kind look and fit.

Whether For Organization, A Unique Space, Or As An Additional Accent…

WalzCraft would like to suggest a Pullout Drawer Box with a Side Pattern for your next kitchen cabinetry project, or perhaps a Drawer Box Organizer Insert to keep kitchen utensils in their place. If your cabinetry designs require shaped components, perhaps a Curved Drawer Box or Inside Corner (Lazy Susan) Drawer Box will help maximize your space for storage. Our Notched Pattern Drawer Boxes are incredibly handy for projects having small obstacles like a pipe or drain in the back side of a kitchen cabinet or bathroom vanity. Maybe you are looking to simply get organized? Try WalzCraft’s Hanging File Slot option to turn your drawers into a personal filing cabinet.

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Pullout (Drawer Box Shaped Side Patterns)

Pullout Side Pattern DBSP100 - Walnut Drawer BoxPullout Drawer Boxes offer an added functional benefit of full, easy access to the contents of your drawer box. WalzCraft offers Drawer Box Shaped Side Patterns that add both character and a unique touch to your drawer box, and also the advantage of storing odd-shaped items. Drawer Box Shaped Side Patterns are often a helpful feature in a bank of kitchen cabinetry drawers such as for storage of pots, pans & small appliances, in closet applications for both increased organization & easier access to stored items, and also with furniture applications to provide a polished look where the unique design of your drawer box may be exposed to the eye as an integrated part of a design. Pullout Side Pattern DBSP400 - Beech Drawer Box

Available options include WalzCraft’s DBSP patterns with either a radiused or slanted design. When choosing any of our DBSP patterns, you must also specify the height for both the front and back of the drawer box, with some patterns also requiring a third dimension to be specified for the flat area of a Drawer Box Shaped Side Pattern design. Please see WalzCraft’s online catalog specifications for Pullout (Shaped Sided Pattern) Drawer Boxes for additional information. Please note that Drawer Box Side Patterns can also be ordered in conjunction with a choice of Drawer Box Scoop or Drawer Box “Ears”.

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Drawer Box Organizers (Cutlery Inserts)

Solid Wood Drawer Box OrganizerSolid Wood Drawer Box Organizer Inserts are often also referred to as Cutlery Inserts, although they can have a range of practical organizational uses beyond kitchen utensils. WalzCraft manufactures all Solid Wood Drawer Box Organizer Inserts with hand-picked solid wood material of your choice. Each organizer is constructed with dovetail sides, with individual dividers installed with dowels, all on top of a 1/4″ thick bottom panel. Organizers are available Unfinished or with a Natural/Clear Coat (No Stain Applied) Satin finish.

To order WalzCraft’s Solid Wood Drawer Box Organizer Inserts with a Drawer Box, please use our “Drawer Box with DB Organizer Insert” Order Form. To order our Drawer Box Inserts only (without a Drawer Box), please use our “Drawer Box Organizer Insert Only” Order Form.

Please also note that although our Solid Wood Drawer Box Organizer Inserts are not available ready to assemble (RTA), our Solid Wood Drawer Box Divider Stock can be purchased using Part #DBD100, to create your own unique design.

Available Solid Wood Drawer Box Organizer Patterns Include:

Drawer Box Organizer DBOI 102 - Hard MapleDBOI – 100 Series: Variations of vertical dividers being equally space. Drawer Box Organizer DBOI 204 - BeechDBOI – 200 Series: Variations of vertical dividers being equally spaced & specified horizontal opening dimensions.
Drawer Box Organizer DBOI 301 - Mixed Hard-Soft MapleDBOI – 300 Series: Variations of vertical dividers being equally spaced & specified horizontal opening dimensions. Drawer Box Organizer DBOI 403 - MahoganyDBOI – 400 Series: Variations of all dividers being equally spaced.

Solid Wood Drawer Box Divider Stock can be purchased in your specified sizes up to 6″ in width, 96″ in height. Various Divider Moldings are also available and are designed to be attached to the inside of drawer boxes to accept Divider Stock materials in thicknesses ranging from 3/16″ up to 1/2″. Drawer Box Side Material Stock can also be purchased using Part #DBS100. Please see our online catalog specifications for additional information on our Drawer Box Organizers Inserts.

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Inside Corner/Lazy Susan Drawer Boxes

Lazy Susan Inside Corner Drawer Box - LS101Drawers are a great way to store and organize an endless range of items. Today, a popular growing trend is to replace base cabinet doors with drawers, especially those that are oversized – to provide storage for small appliances, pots & pans. Full extension drawer glides allow you to easily access all of your stored items and a stack of drawers used in conjunction with Drawer Box Organizer Inserts, helps to keep your items organized. This trend is also helping to avoid the need for kneeling and stretching to search for stored contents at lower levels, and the Lazy Susan is no place to stop!

WalzCraft offers an assortment of Inside Corner / Lazy Susan Drawer Box patterns to follow this stylish trend as an alternative to traditional Lazy Susan Door systems. Our Inside Corner / Lazy Susan Drawer Boxes are only available with Style 100HB Half Blind Dovetail construction in Solid Wood and Baltic Birch plywood.

For an alternative solution to your Inside Corner / Lazy Susan cabinet figuration, try a stack of our Inside Corner Drawer Boxes to maximize storage because ultimately, you can never be too organized! See more information here by visiting our online catalog specifications for Inside Corner / Lazy Susan Drawer Boxes.

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Notched Pattern Drawer Boxes

Notched Pattern DBP101 Drawer BoxNotched Pattern Drawer Boxes are often a clever solution to unavoidable obstacles in cabinetry applications. When an existing pipe, drain, or other stationary item becomes an obstruction to a cabinetry arrangement, Specialty Notched Pattern Drawer Boxes may be just the solution.

WalzCraft’s DBP100 Series Notched Pattern Drawer Boxes allow you to specify a pattern and dimensions to fully avoid these pesky obstacles, while still maximizing storage space. For cabinetry and furniture designs requiring an alternative Drawer Box shape such as a slanted front, try the DBP104L & DBP104R designs.

To learn more about WalzCraft’s Notched Pattern Drawer Boxes, please see our online catalog specifications or contact our friendly Customer Support Team today.Notched Pattern DBP102L Drawer Box