LS101 Corner Drawer Box


Inside Corner (Lazy Susan) Drawer Boxes are a stylish way to store and organize an endless range of items. You may wish to replace base corner cabinet doors with Inside Corner / Lazy Susan Drawer Boxes, which are comprised of either Dovetailed, Doweled, Nailed or butt joint construction.

Our LS101 pattern is completely open inside, allowing you to maximize on the amount of storage space provided inside of your Inside Corner / Lazy Susan Drawer Box.

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Drawer Box Specifications

as shown
  • Construction: Style 100HB (Dovetail)
  • Wood Species: Maple - Hard / Soft - Mixed
  • Wood Grade: Budget Grade
  • Side Thickness: 5/8
  • Bottom Panel: Maple - Hard - RC - (Budget Grade)
  • Panel Material: Plywood
  • Panel Placement: 13mm Inset
  • Top Edge: TE3
  • Additional Options: LS101

Additional Information

WalzCraft can also prep your Drawer Boxes with Drawer Box Notching for our Salice or Blum Drawer Slides and Runners, with Notching options also available for other hardware styles.

Your Drawer Boxes and Drawer Slides/Runners will all ship together in one shipment, to make your installation that much more efficient and convenient!

View Drawer Slide & Notching Options here.