Notched Pattern Drawer Boxes

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WalzCraft offers many different Specialty Drawer Box Solutions tailored for those jobs having unique space and design elements. Our Notched Pattern Drawer Boxes are completely made-to-order, allowing you to choose your design and level of customization.

Perhaps your project involves an obstacle such as a pipe or drain? Try our Notched Pattern Drawer Boxes, which help you maximize on storage space while designing the shape of your Drawer Box around an existing obstruction.

Notched Pattern Drawer Box Availability

Notched Pattern Drawer Boxes are WalzCraft’s solution to obstacles that inevitably occur within cabinetry and furniture applications. An obstacle can be any obstruction that may require an adjustment to shape of a Drawer Box including an existing pipe, drain, or other stationary item inside of a cabinet.

WalzCraft’s DBP100 Series Notched Pattern Drawer Boxes allow you to specify a pattern and dimensions to fully avoid these pesky obstacles at the back side of a Drawer Box when in its stationary position. For cabinetry and furniture designs requiring an alternative Drawer Box shape at the front or back side of the Drawer Box, try the DBP103 & DBP104 designs.

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