Scoops, Bread Box Sliding Tops & Ears

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WalzCraft offers a wide range of Drawer Box Options to help you improve the functionality of your drawer boxes. Add a Scoop or Ears to create an easy to use pullout or choose WalzCraft’s Bread Box Sliding Top Option for a clever way to add storage to your space.

Drawer Box Scoops

WalzCraft offers two Drawer Box Scoop options which are both applied along the top edge of a Drawer Box Front. Scoops allow for easy access to Drawer Boxes functioning as pullouts, as the rout provides a convenient place to pull the box open.

Bread Box Sliding Top

Keep your bread, pastries or snacks fresh by adding WalzCraft’s Bread Box Sliding Top Option to a drawer box. The Bread Box Sliding Top is 1/4″ thick and is inset 8mm from the top edge of the Drawer Box. It features a 1 1/2″ diameter finger hole that is set back 3/4″ from the front edge and centered on the width.

Drawer Box Ears

Drawer Box Ears are another optional feature for Drawer Boxes functioning as pullouts. With this option, a Drawer Box Front is extended 7/16″ on each side of the box, with the Ear thickness varying depending on the thickness of the Drawer Box Side Wall thickness (applies to Dovetail Drawer Boxes only).

Please see the catalog specifications above for further information about Drawer Box Ears.

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