Drawer Box Organizers

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WalzCraft’s solid wood Drawer Box Organizer Inserts are also referred to as Cutlery Inserts as the most common application includes cutlery storage within a kitchen Drawer Box. There are also many other applications for Drawer Box Organizers, such as helping to organize desk drawers and nearly any other set of contents that can be stored in a drawer.

Drawer Box Organizer (Cutlery Insert) Availability

Drawer Box Organizer Inserts are constructed with your choice of solid wood species, having dovetail sides with dividers installed using dowels and a 1/4″ bottom panel. Sidewalls and dividers are 3/8″ thick as a standard, with dividers being 3mm shorter than the sidewalls (TE7 “look”). Our team will design your Drawer Box Organizer Insert to sit 1/2″ below the shortest part of the Drawer Box sidewall that will hold your Organizer.

WalzCraft’s TE6 is the standard Top Edge Option for all Organizer Insert styles. You can also specify upon ordering whether your Organizer Inserts should be shipped Unfinished or Prefinished with WalzCraft’s Natural / Clear Coat (No Stain Applied) Satin finish.

Placing An Order For Drawer Box Organizer Inserts

To order WalzCraft’s Solid Wood Drawer Box Organizer Inserts with a Drawer Box, please use our “Drawer Box with DB Organizer Insert” Order Form. To order our Drawer Box Inserts only (without a Drawer Box), please use our “Drawer Box Organizer Insert Only” Order Form.

For additional information, please see the catalog specifications above for additional information about placing an order for Drawer Box Organizer Inserts.

Drawer Box Divider Stock Availability

Although Solid Wood Drawer Box Organizer Inserts are not available ready to assemble (RTA), our Solid Wood Drawer Box Divider Stock can be purchased using Part #DBD100, to create unique designs.

Solid Wood Drawer Box Divider Stock can be purchased in specified sizes up to 6″ in width and 96″ in height. Various Divider Moldings are also available and are designed to be attached to the inside of Drawer Boxes to accept Divider Stock materials in thicknesses ranging from 3/16″ up to 1/2″.

Drawer Box Side Material Stock can also be purchased using Part #DBS100.

Please contact our Customer Support team for further information or to place your order.

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