Pullout (Shaped Sides) Drawer Boxes

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WalzCraft offers many different Specialty Drawer Box Solutions tailored for those jobs having unique space and design elements. Our Pullout (Shaped Sides) Drawer Boxes are completely made-to-order, allowing you to choose your design and level of customization.

So come on, try a Pullout Drawer Box style for your next kitchen cabinetry project. This Drawer Box style is great for storing pots & pans and can be ordered with various shaped side patterns.

Pullout (Drawer Box Shaped Side Pattern) Use & Availability

Pullout Drawer Boxes often have shaped side patterns that offer easy access to the contents of your Drawer Box. This Specialty Drawer Box style is often helpful when used in a bank of kitchen cabinet drawers for easy storage of odd shaped items such as small appliances & cookware. Not only do these Drawer Boxes have character, but they provide a polished look which can be useful when incorporated into furniture projects and other areas where their unique design will be exposed to the eye when extended out from the cabinet.

Pullout Drawer Boxes are available with various DBSP patterns, including radiused and slanted designs. When ordering, we ask that you please specify the height for both the front and back of the Drawer Box, along with some patterns requiring a third dimension to be specified for the flat area of the Shaped Side Pattern.

Please note that Drawer Box Side Patterns can also be ordered in conjunction with Scoops or “Ears”.

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