Hinge Boring

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Whether you may not have the necessary tooling in your own shop or if you are simply looking to save a bit of time with your projects, consider having WalzCraft Hinge Bore your cabinet door orders. Our standard Hinge Bore Options are compatible with many common hinge brands, with Demountable Hinge Slot & Knife Hinge Slot options also available. The best part of all… WalzCraft’s Hinge Boring options are precisely & efficiently added to your cabinet door orders so that you can complete your install in less time.

35mm Hinge Bore Options

  • HP100 – Single 35mm hinge bore
  • HP200 – One 35mm bore with two 8.2 mm dowel holes (fits most Salice & Blum hinge styles)
  • HP300 – One 35mm bore with two 8.2mm dowel holes (fits most Grass hinge styles)

*The difference between the HP200 & HP300 patterns is the placement of the dowel holes. See the catalog specifications above for line drawings.

The standard Hinge Bore option has a 12.7mm (1/2″) depth, with an optional 13.5mm (17/32″) option also available upon special request. Please note that not all Outside Edge Profiles are compatible with Hinge Boring. Please visit the link to our Outside Edge Profile Compatibility Chart below.

WalzCraft offers Standard Hinge Bore Placements, shown in the catalog specifications above. Dual Hinge Boring is also available for Corner (Lazy Susan) cabinets, where one door is typically bored on both sides.

Placing An Order With Hinge Boring

It is important when placing your order to specify the following on your Cabinet Door Order Form:

  • Hinge Bore Pattern
  • Cup Drilling Distance
  • Placement of the Hinge Bore for each line item (by marking abbreviations in the Hinge Bore Column – as noted in the catalog specifications above).

Please submit any custom Hinge Bore Placement requirements to our Customer Support Team.

Demountable Hinge Slots

Demountable Hinge Slots have a “T” slot shape that is placed on the back side of a door for demountable style hinges. Please specify SP100 when ordering. This option is available with all Outside Edge Profiles and all doors, including MDF & RTF constructions.

Knife Hinge Slots / Dado Blade Slots

Knife / Dado Blade Slots are offered in three patterns (DBS101, DBS102 & DBS103). WalzCraft recommendeds Outside Edge Profiles in the catalog specifications above that will not allow the hinge to be visible from the face of your cabinet doors, if preferred. This option is also available on all doors, including MDF & RTF constructions.

Outside Edge Profile Compatibility Chart | Order Cabinet Door Hinges