5-Piece MDF Doors

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WalzCraft 5-piece MDF cabinet doors and drawer fronts are a stylish alternative to 5-piece solid wood door styles. These doors and drawer fronts can be ordered with the same selection of inside Stile & Rail, Center Panel & Outside Edge profiles as offered with solid wood doors, ultimately offering many design combinations.

Traditional Mortise & Tenon Raised Panel Door Styles

Traditional Mortise & Tenon Flat Panel Door Styles


Benefits of a 5-Piece MDF Cabinet Door and Drawer Front Construction

5-piece MDF doors and drawer fronts are available at a very reasonable cost and offer unique perks such as the acceptance of a paint finish (see WalzCraft’s SolidTone Prefinish Availability).

In addition, MDF cabinet doors and drawer fronts are also known for resisting the natural expansion and contraction that sometimes occurs in a solid wood door construction from moisture and temperature changes within a natural environment. Painted finishes seal this type construction and provide a very durable product that is suitable for many applications including kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, custom built-ins and furniture pieces.

5-Piece MDF Cabinet Door & Drawer Front Availability

5-piece MDF doors and drawer fronts are manufactured at ¾” in thickness and allow for customized Stile & Rail widths beyond our standard 2 ¼” frame. Frame only MDF doors are also offered, along with Mullion and Applied Molding door styles. (Mullion & Applied Molding parts are constructed of a solid wood-maple, hard/soft mixed grade of wood with MDF constructions).

All “Traditional” Stile & Rail Profile options are available and are engineered without the WalzCraft stain relief cut. All “Traditional” Center Panel Profile and Outside Edge Profile options are also available.

The maximum size for 5-Piece MDF doors is 48″ W x 96″ H or 96″ W x 48″ H. Please also keep in mind that WalzCraft can prefinish your MDF components in any of our Primed Only for Paint and SolidTone® (Paint) Finishes. Simulated and Renaissance Distressing options, Rub Through Options RBT100 & RBT200, and 3D Laminate / RTF finishes are not offered with 5-piece MDF cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

Alternatives to 5-Piece MDF Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts

WalzCraft also offers 1-Piece MDF Door and Drawer Front Styles in designs that can simulate flat slab, mullion, and raised panel looks. 1-Piece MDF Cabinet Door and Drawer Fronts allow for Primed Only for Paint, SolidTone® and 3D Laminate / RTF finishes. This type of door and drawer front construction is created from one piece of MDF that has routed profiles created from a CNC machine.

Another alternative to a 5-piece MDF construction are WalzCraft’s 5-Piece Hybrid Doors and Drawer Fronts. This option allows for paint grade solid wood stiles and rails (door frame) combined with an MDF Center Panel. This option is also a great alternative to solid wood door and drawer front styles when intended for a painted finish as the MDF Center Panel expands and contracts less than a solid wood Center Panel. This option is offered in your choice of Birch, Maple-Hard/Soft Mixed or Poplar Stiles and Rails.

Learn more about 5-Piece and 1-Piece MDF constructions, along with our 5-Piece Hybrid Construction here.