Cabinet Door Hinges

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WalzCraft offers a full line of Blum and Salice brand Cabinet Door Hinges to simplify your outsourcing process and ultimately get you to your install as efficiently as possible. Whether your hardware needs are for one door or many, our Team welcomes each order and can conveniently offer the proper Hinge Boring & Additional Hardware Accessories to accompany your Cabinet Door Hinge orders.

Salice Cabinet Door Hinges backed by a lifetime warranty and conveniently ship along with your cabinet door orders, unattached and ready for installation upon delivery.



Cabinet Door Hinge Availability

Blum and Salice Cabinet Door Hinges are available for Face Frame & Frameless Cabinetry styles. Please check our catalog specifications for available Compact & Long Arm Hinge Overlays (Including Inset) and Fixing Options.

Compact Face Frame Hinges

Salice’s Excentra & Excen-three Compact Face Frame Hinges are a one-piece construction hinge style with a 106° opening range. These hinges are completely concealed upon installation and are compatible with doors up to 3/4″ in thickness. (This hinge style is only compatible with Face Frame Cabinetry).

Long Arm Hinges / Mounting Plates

WalzCraft offers Salice’s Series 100 & Series 200 Long Arm Hinges. Long Arm Hinges are a two-piece construction consisting of a hinge and separate base (mounting) plate. Series 200 Long Arm Hinges are offered in 110° & 165° openings and can be ordered with a separate Smove Soft Close shock absorber (plunger). Series 100 Long Arm Hinges can be ordered with a 105° opening and have an integrated soft close motion that does not require a separate plunger to achieve the soft close motion. Long Arm Hinges can be ordered with doors up to 7/8″ in thickness, with a variety of overlays (including inset) available. The Base Plate is ordered separately and is required for proper installation. (This type of hinge is available for both Face Frame & Frameless Cabinetry styles).

Additional Information

Click “Learn More” below to view more detailed information about Salice Cabinet Door Hinges, view Cabinet Door Hinge Accessories available, and to read WalzCraft’s Cabinet Door Hinge Ordering Guidelines. Learn More | View Samples