Outside Corner Treatment Options & Cabinet Refacing Moldings

RM101-870 Outside Corner TreatmentIn their most basic form, all WalzCraft Refacing Methods do not utilize any outside corner moldings. Instead, they require the edge of the face material to be finished on the job site after installation (FOJS) or are prefinished by WalzCraft in the case of Refacing Method 104, which utilizes Solid Wood Refacing Stock on the face of the cabinet.

The use of assorted outside corner moldings is optional with each refacing method. Some benefits of using moldings on the corner of a cabinet are:

  • Moldings can add a decorative touch to a refaced cabinet.
  • In some cases, a molding adds strength and protection to high traffic corners.
  • Moldings eliminate the need to hand finish cabinet outside corners.
  • Some of the corner moldings can reproduce the look of an existing face frame scribe.


Click on the links below to view the Outside Corner Treatment Options and Refacing Moldings offered for each Refacing Method.

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