Hardwood Forestry Fund

The Hardwood Forestry Fund was established in 1990 to promote hardwood timber growth, management, education and environmentally sound uses of our forest resources. Hardwood Forestry Fund projects are implemented in cooperation with local, state and federal forestry departments.

The Fund and its members support these projects by contributing money for plantings and working with forestry officials to create high-quality timber stands.

As a good corporate citizen, WalzCraft is committed to protecting and preserving our nation’s natural resources through programs that will ensure a healthy environment for our children and grandchildren. We are a major contributor to the Hardwood Forestry Fund because we know that they will use our donations wisely to reach our common goals.

WalzCraft sponsors planting at the level of one hardwood seedling for each 100 board feet of finished product we ship from our plant. To date, our contributions along with others, have helped to plant and manage over 2.5 million trees. Looking to 2008, the Hardwood Forestry Fund plans to spend a record amount of dollars on forest management and plant 600,000 new hardwood trees. To learn more about the Hardwood Forestry Fund, or to find out how you can contribute, please visit their website at www.hardwoodforestryfund.org.

View our Hardwood Forestry Fund Certificate of Membership.

Environmental Awards and Recognition

Gifford Pinchot Award

In 2006, the Hardwood Forestry Fund honored WalzCraft with the presentation of its top environmental award, the Gifford Pinchot Award. As the first Chief of the United States Forest Service, Pinchot advocated conservation of the nation’s reserves and coined the term conservation ethics (Wikipedia: Gifford Pinchot). To honor his effort the Hardwood Forestry Fund awards the Gifford Pinchot Award to companies, “In recognition of corporate responsibility, leadership, and achievements that result in sustainability of our nation’s natural resources.”

Help Establish Sustainable Forest:

Donations to the Hardwood Forestry Fund go towards establishing sustainable forests through tree planting and forest management for future generations natural resources needs. How to donate

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