Recycling & Reuse Material Management Initiatives

Recycling and material management programs are in place, ensuring that these materials are disposed of safely each day. Common items recycled in our production facility include the following:

  • Steel banding & other metals
  • Fluorescent light bulbs
  • Batteries
  • Used oil & lubricants
  • Computers & other electronics
  • Corrugated products
  • Lacquer thinner<
  • Plastic Banding

Recycled products used in our operation:

“Return Use Service” encourages our customers to return items that we can reuse in our operation. These items include:

  • Fiberboard Pallets (50 or more at a time)
  • Die-Cut foam Corners used in the corners of our package. (Shipping Instructions)

In our finishing operation, we have taken steps to reduce and to ensure that waste is properly handled. To reduce waste, WalzCraft operates two distilling machines. These devices reclaim solvents from finishing and cleanup waste so that it is reusable within our operation. In 2008, we reclaimed 4581 gallons of material for distilling of which 2647 gallons were recovered for reuse in our operation.

Material not suitable for internal distilling is shipped to a Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facility (TSD) for further processing and recovery.  In an effort to promote a safe and healthier workplace, these shipments are made on a weekly basis, rather than EPA requirement of every 90 days.

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