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Responsible Manufacturing WalzCraft

Responsible Manufacturing

Extensive optimization and daily yield analysis exert constant pressure on our manufacturing process to maximize quality while minimizing waste. Computerized rip saws with five moveable blades help to maintain 1% better yield average, which over time amounts to truckloads of lumber. The ripped stock is chopped on customized state-of-the-art chop saws. This precision operation separates usable material, divides it into different grades based on natural characteristics, and quickly sizes each component part. WalzCraft offers more than 95 grades of product within 20 different species, allowing us to utilize less than perfect wood, balance the demand on that species, and provide cost savings that we can pass along to our customers.

100% Lumber Usage

Every board that is purchased by WalzCraft has a productive use. This equals zero scrap wood or MDF product ending up in a landfill.

WalzCraft Use of Lumber for Cabinet Components

Lumber is used to manufacture our custom Cabinet Doors, Drawer Boxes, and Cabinet Components.

Lumber Usage - Electricity

A local power company uses lumber waste to generate electricity.

Lumber Usage - Other Products

Lumber wastes is used to produce products including mulch, animal bedding, pellets for wood stoves, and particleboard.