Sustainable Procurement

Photo of La Crosse, WI by Phil S. Addis Photography

Photo by La Crosse Local, Phil S. Addis

Sustainable Procurement

Like many companies, the majority of purchases needed to build our products consist of natural resources, which in our case is hardwood lumber. With that consideration and an appreciation for the habitat these resources provide, WalzCraft incorporates both Complex and Green Procurement practices as components of our greater Sustainable Procurement plan.

Complex Procurement

Complex Procurement relies heavily on purchasing the right material at the right time. This process results in more material being used to produce our products and less material waste. To fulfill our hardwood lumber needs, WalzCraft demands a higher level of lumber grade specifications than the standards set by the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA). WalzCraft pays close attention to natural character and defects that are usually not considered when grading lumber. The following characteristics are taken into consideration when grading our lumber.

  • Grain
  • Knots
  • Mineral Streaks
  • Color
  • Pin Knots
  • Gum

A significant portion of our lumber resources come from sustainable forests. Approximately 50% of our Red Oak is harvested from land managed under the Managed Forest Law (MFL) of Wisconsin. WalzCraft exclusively uses Pollmeier European Beech lumber because it is PEFC certified (view PEFC certificate) The certification system for sustainable forest management PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) is based on international resolutions agreed at the Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe (Helsinki 1993, Lisbon 1998) by 37 nations in the Pan-European process.

Green Procurement

Green Procurement

WalzCraft tries to closely match the quality of incoming materials to the products that our customers are ordering. This philosophy has reduced waste and improved plant efficiencies while keeping our customer’s needs and expectations foremost in our buying. Seeing our lumber vendors as long-term partners, allows us to continually refine and improve our specifications to keep pace with the changes we see in today’s markets.

Regionally Sourced

Approximately 70% of the lumber used in our manufacturing facility is regionally sourced from Midwest Lumber mills. Our strategic location in relation to our needed hardwood resources reduces the excess cost and pollution associated with transport.

As with any manufacturing company, a small percentage of our purchased resources are not suitable for use in our products. In our case, it is usually small pieces of cracked lumber that lack the structural integrity required for our products.

The important distinction between our incoming and outbound shipments is that incoming lumber shipments contain a portion of unusable materials, while outbound shipments of our cabinet doors and other components are 100% usable to the customer.

WalzCraft efficiently ships 100% usable custom products to small-to-medium sized cabinet shops across the country, meaning no waste is included in the transport.