Reeded / Beaded Cabinet Doors

Requests for Beaded or Reeded Cabinetry are on the rise with homeowners. In response, WalzCraft has added Continuous Bead Applied Molding Door & Drawer Front options to our catalog. We manufacture our Continuous Bead Cabinet Doors by applying our #3166 Beaded Molding to a 9/16″ thick veneered panel with an MDF Core. Next, we add a solid wood Outside Edge Applied Molding to hide the raw edge of the veneered panel.

We’ve added several Signature Series Designs to our website that feature the new beaded options. Samples pictured from left to right include S974 Reed, S976 Reed, and S975 Reed. The new additions show off similar designs in different Wood Species and Finish options.

Continuous Reeded Panel Cabinet Doors
Pictured (left to right): S974, S976, & S975 Reed
Reed Continuous Bead Slab Door
Reed Door Profiles

Ordering Reeded / Bead Cabinet Doors

When ordering our Continuous Bead Applied Molding Doors, please specify the following. 

  • Style 60 Door or Style 60* Drawer Front
  • Edgeband Treatment option EBT100
  • D216AM*, D217AM*, D218AM*, or D219AM* Applied Molding Outside Edge
  • Indicate Beaded Applied Molding option #3166, as well as vertical or horizontal placement of the molding
  • Select a Wood Species from our Closed Louver Doors with Raised Panel – Wood Species Options chart on our Techincal Information Page
  • Order unfinished or choose a finish option from Chapter R (excluding Flow Pen Glaze)

To learn more, please view our catalog specifications below or contact our Customer Support Team.