Curved Products – Standard Radii Options

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WalzCraft’s Standard Radii Options are quite extensive, allowing you to tailor your Curved products for nearly any scenario. Below are radii options available for “Traditional” and “Mitered” Curved Products.

Additional Standard Radii Information

  • All Radii listed above are based on ¾” thick doors.
  • Radii are calculated to the center of a ¾” thick door.
  • (*) indicates the only radius options available for Door Styles 20, 2000, 2020, 2500 and 4000.
  • Please refer to our Mitered & French Mitered catalog specifications for profile options available with Curved Products.
    • “C”= All Profiles available with Curved products
    • “FM”= Profiles available with French Mitered products

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