Dovetail Drawer Boxes

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WalzCraft’s most popular Drawer Box style is our Half Blind Dovetailed construction. Our complete made-to-order Dovetailed Boxes are constructed of basic parts including a front and back, sides, and bottom. Choose from a long list of customizable features to create very basic designs or to turn your Drawer Boxes into very unique works of art that are bound to make a statement.

Dovetail Drawer Box Construction & Availability

WalzCraft’s Half Blind Dovetail construction (Style 100HB) uses a progression of interlocking shapes held together with glue to create a strong bond at the joints. Nails and pins are unnecessary with this construction method, which does not expose the end grain of the side panel dovetails and therefore creates a pleasing look when used throughout kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, furniture and many other applications.

Order WalzCraft’s Half Blind Dovetailed Drawer Boxes to your exact specifications by providing each detail and exact required size for your order.

To place your quote or order, please specify the below:

  • A side wall thickness of 1/2″, 5/8″ or 3/4″
  • A side wall solid wood species, or specify our Baltic Birch Plywood alternative
  • A bottom panel thickness of 1/4″ or 1/2″
  • A bottom panel wood species – MDF core with an “A” Grade Veneered Face or specify alternative material including: Melamine, Aromatic Cedar or raw MDF.
  • Bottom panel grain direction: random, left to right or front to back
  • A top edge option (TE) based on functional & aesthetic needs
  • The bottom panel placement: bottom mount, flush inset, or inset between 6mm (0.236″) to 16mm (0.630″)
  • Specify Prefinished (Water Base “Natural / Clear Coat Finish”) or Unfinished
  • Choose Assembled or Ready To Assemble (RTA) – which can provide savings in freight cost

Drawer Box Notching

To prepare Drawer Boxes for drawer slides and installation, WalzCraft offers a Notch & Hook Hole Combination & various DBN Series Notching options.

The NHH1 Notch & Hook Hole Combination is available with all Dovetail Drawer Boxes. This pattern is applied to the back side drawer boxes and accommodates drawer slides requiring notching up to 2″ wide. This is our most common notching option, which is compatible with many undermount drawer glide systems including Salice undermount drawer glides, which can be purchased directly from WalzCraft.

Our DBN Drawer Box Notching Series allows for other notching patterns, whether double or single with hot melt adhesive or with no adhesive to allow for a removable bottom panel application.

For additional notching patterns, please see our online catalog specifications for Drawer Box Notching.

Drawer Box Hardware – Drawer Slides, Runners & Release Clips

WalzCraft offers a full range of Drawer Box Slides & Hardware, conveniently shipped loose with your Drawer Box orders. For more information, see our online catalog specifications for Drawer Slides & Hardware.

Additional Drawer Box Options

  • Scoops – a feature allowing for easy access to Drawer Boxes functioning as a pullout.
  • Laser Engraving – add a business logo or promotional message.
  • Integral Drawer Fronts – (see catalog specifications above) when installed, the front piece of the Drawer Box is actually visible as opposed to a separate Drawer Front being attached to the front of the box.
  • Drawer Box Ears – Extend beyond the width of the box for drawers functioning as pullouts.
  • Hanging File Slot – for letter or legal size document storage.
  • Accented Top Edge – select a different wood species accent for the Top Edge.
  • Specialty Joinery Options
    • Full/Through Dovetail Joint – (Style 100FT)
    • French Dovetail Joint – (Style 100FR)

Please contact our Customer Support Team for additional information and assistance in placing your order.

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