Dry Wiped – Aged look Glaze Notes

Dry Wiped – Aged Look (DWAL)

The “Dry Wiped-Aged Look” method is similar to the “Dry Wiped – Without Flow Pen” method as both utilize either a brush, rag or spray gun to apply glaze to the entire face and profiled areas of the product. In each case, the glaze is then wiped away with a clean, dry cloth. The “Aged Look” is achieved by not wiping the door as completely or carefully, and results in a less uniform appearance from one area of the door to another, as well as from one door to another.

This method will alter the appearance of the original color and wood species combination and will cause the color to vary between the front and back side of the product. Due to the glazing effect, it also becomes necessary to apply glaze to all sheet stock, moldings, and accent components.